April Fools: City abandons controversial land application waste water plan in favor of aerial discharge system


The Hattiesburg City council has been facing  the threat of protest and lawsuits over it’s controversial land application treatment method for discharging its waste water through a sprinkler type system installed in Forrest and Lamar Counties. Now, Mary Dryden, Henry Naylor, Kim Bradley, and Carter Carroll have come up with a clever plan to treat […]

Training documents reveal Assistant Chief Eddie Wilson doesn’t meet basic academic requirements to be an officer

eddie wilson

Documents obtained exclusively by the Hattiesburg Patriot reveal that newly promoted Assistant Fire Chief, Eddie Wilson, not only lacked the certifications to take the exam for his previous Lieutenant’s position; but he wasn’t even qualified to take the Engineer’s exam (a position below Lieutenant); this according to the department’s own academic requirements. Wilson leapfrogged over […]

Alleged recording of Forrest County Prosecutor Pam Castle in “flagrante delicto” with alleged lover has her crying foul in counter claim.


On September 10th, 2015 a lawsuit was filed by then Forrest County Sheriff’s deputy, Candace Eubanks, against Forrest County prosecutor Pam Castle for having an alleged affair with her husband, Tim Eubanks. In the original Alienation of Affection complaint, which can be read by clicking here, Mrs. Eubanks alleged to possess a recording of her husband and Castle […]

Dr. York accused of fraud amid cream scheme scene; hires armed guard for security against Nichols


When the FBI went to Bennett York’s Hattiesburg Oral Surgery office, investigating what appears to be a connection with York’s partner, Brantley Nichols, and the cream scheme, the event drew enormous attention to York’s practice. After the FBI visit, York’s response to the attention Nichols had attracted on the practice was swift. According to court […]

Hattiesburg Public School District Administrator Salaries Published. While children suffer, our administration is the highest paid in the state.


This site broke the story of the virtual financial collapse of the Hattiesburg Public School District a few months ago. If you haven’t read that article you can read it here. In a nutshell the district’s leadership, mismanaged over $3,500,000 in monies, and drained the general fund to just over $700,000. The fund should maintain […]

Hattiesburg City Council unanimously approved illegal “change order,” when State Procurement Law required a new bid


The Hattiesburg City council unanimously approved an illegal “change order” for the Eaton School rehabilitation project in violation of state bid laws. It all started when Finlo Construction, a major campaign contributor of Mayor Dupree, was awarded a job to stabilize the exterior walls of the Eaten School building. The original contract amount was for […]

Hattiesburg Public School District is financially insolvent; has $7,550,000 shortfall with 2014-2015 revised budget


Each year the Hattiesburg Public School District projects its budget for the upcoming school year. And at the end of that year, the school district revises that budget based on the actual revenues and expenses incurred. This year was a little different. The district had to bring Mr. Frank Aderholt out of retirement to complete […]

Forrest County Auditor, Carl Nicholson, arrested for drunken, profane-laden, temper tantrum at Lamar County Jail.

Carl Nicholson & Company Pllc Hattiesburg

Carl Nicholson, a founding member of Nicholson & Company, one of the largest public accounting firms in the state, is also a Forrest County Auditor and former member of the IHL Board of Trustees.  Nicholson was arrested at the Lamar county jail during the early morning hours of October 4th.  Nicholson was charged with public […]