A Hilariously True Story involving a Hattiesburg Public Figure | Guess Who? Multiple Choice


This is a true story about a public figure in Hattiesburg, and this story is hilarious in our opinion. We had not planned on running this, (being professional journalists and all), and we hate to let all our student fans at the USM journalism department down, but this story is just too funny not to share, and so the story begins...

bartalcoholMr. John Doe went to Jackson to visit a man who was the former head of a large state agency and of great importance and influence. Mr. Doe visited the man's office, sat down, intending to gift this man a fine bottle of alcohol. The man marveled at this fine specimen of aged alcohol, wondering what he had done to be so lucky to receive such a generous gift. His mouth tingled with excitement. What an honor he thought. What an exquisite gift, from such a fine and upstanding member of the Hattiesburg community.

They sat and talked for approximately 30-40 minutes, and during that conversation it became apparent to Mr. Doe  that the man he was visiting, was not the person he intended to visit; but rather he was a nephew of the man who happened to share almost exactly the same name.   Upon learning of  this embarrassing dilemma, Mr. Doe left whiskey in hand and departed to locate the person of his original intent. The man was left emptied of the sheer enjoyment he so envisioned of this exquisite embibement.

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