APRIL 1st – Animal rights activist sue USM over proposed “violent” live eagle and rabbit half-time show

USM Coach Jay Hopson can be seen during 2018 Spring training, with a Golden Eagle on his shoulder, pointing to one of the rabbits during a test run of the proposed halftime show.

Don't be fooled on this first day of April by the anger of  The House Rabbits Society.  The president of the organization, Karen Hopper filed a lawsuit Friday against USM over a proposed 2018 halftime show involving

"extreme violence against precious bunny rabbits".

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The proposed USM halftime show would include a live eagle and ten live rabbits.  According to USM Athetic Director Jon Gilbert, during halftime, ten rabbits are to be released on the field, and each rabbit will have a tag that will correspond to a ticket number. The band will play the fight song as the rabbits are let loose, and immediately after, a trained golden eagle will descend from the top deck of the stadium and capture one of the tagged rabbits. According to the eagle's trainer, Jim Fowler,  the rabbit should not be harmed.  Fowler said,

"this particular eagle subsist primarily on a diet of hamsters and has never eaten a rabbit; so there is a high probability this will go as planned."

The person who has a matching ticket with the tag will get a rabbit feast for four at Purple Parrot restaurant, cooked personally by renown restaurateur, Robert St. John.

The House Rabbits Society became aware of the plans when the university was required to permit the proposed activity through the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture. A copy of the lawsuit will be published Tuesday.