USM Quarterback Anthlony Alford Allegedly Assaulted Teammate While at Petal

*pictures of the victim of the alleged assault were removed at the request of Mr. Kittrell

A former baseball player with Petal School was allegedly the victim of a post baseball practice assault at the hands of then high school student and now suspended USM quarterback Anthony Alford.  Alford is currently facing two felonies in a gun related incident on campus Wednesday. In a conversation on the Hattiesburg Patriot’s Facebook fan page avid supporters were attacking people discussing the recent arrest.

When challenged by avid Alford supporters, the victim’s first cousin, Mr. Justin David Lee said,

If you would like to talk to my cousin about how good of a person Alford is I’m sure he’d let you see where he had surgery to reconstruct part of his face.  This isn’t me knowing someone who said. This is my first cousin that this happened to.

The brother in law of the alleged victim, identified as Mr. Josh Kittrell then provided the Hattiesburg Patriot photos of the victim in a hospital bed with a swollen face. It’s not clear whether the pictures were pre or post surgery. Mr. Kittrell said,

This is not his first incident like this. The deal with him blindsiding the guy in high school did happen. The comments I have read about the guy being hit one time and pushed to the ground is far from the way it happened.  There was no fight in this situation. Anthony blind sided him in the parking lot after baseball practice. I can understand getting a little riled up over some trash talk and things escalate, but this was premeditated.

As far as the “clean record”, juvenile records are sealed. Kinda like getting a speeding ticket and then going to defensive driving school. Wont show up on your record but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. My brother in law did not receive any disciplinary action from this incident as he was INNOCENT. Alford received 9 days out of school suspension “which is the limit before expulsion” and I believe 45 days of no school activities and also some kind of community service. They ordered his punishment be started when the incident happened which was before baseball season started. So he missed 45 days of practice and maybe a week of the “season”. Charges were pressed, and they were in and out of court.

Something like this on Petal’s star athlete wouldn’t look good so it was kept quiet. My father in law didn’t throw it to the media because it would have affected my brother in law’s schooling and baseball career also. He did not want him to deal with the ridicule which we ALL know he would have received.

 “Star” athletes today get away with more than any regular person would even think about. It happened when I was there and I don’t see it changing any time soon. This is why the AA deal is being made out the way it is. His situation in hs was severe, and now he is in ANOTHER similar situation. That is a reoccurring pattern that needs to be stopped. I don’t like how people so blindly defend him and then say “it wasn’t on paper so it doesn’t count”. That is what is wrong with the world today. What happened to right and wrong without any grey areas? 

These are allegations. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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