Carter Carroll on Groundworx, “I think $144 Million Dollars to take care the city our size sewer system is ridiculous!” Says other treatment “avenues” available.


Councilman Carter Carroll HattiesburgAfter attending a Concerned Citizens for Responsible Wastewater Presentation on April 17th, Councilman Carter Carroll pulled back from the $600 Million 30 year contract with Groundworx. Carroll said in his question and answer segment seen in the video below,

"Just until a few months ago we really didn't know what the cost of getting out of the river was going to be. And let me just say this, I think $144 Million Dollars to take care the city our size sewer system is ridiculous. Now that we've taken care of the smell from the USA Yeast it kinda opens up another avenue. We certainly need to make the right decision for Hattiesburg."

Actually the cost is $600 Million dollars over 30 years. That put a tremendous financial burden on the citizens with increases totaling over $1,200 per year in sewer increases PER METER.

Carter Carroll and Kim Bradley told citizens that "getting out of the river" is a must, referencing "EPA regulators"  because permits are more restrictive and getting out from under EPA permits is a must. However, much of the land application area is in the Leaf River flood-way. So much so that Carroll mentioned in the video that they had to have EPA approved buffers in those areas. Carroll admitted that getting out of the river is not a requirement or necessity, but rather "a philosophy."

USA Yeast was the largest problem Hattiesburg had with our lagoon system. Hattiesburg has  50% of the aeration we need at present, but when USA Yeast begins pre-treating their waste this summer we will have 20% excess aeration capacity. EPA reports have stated that our current lagoon system can function to meet limits even with the current USA Yeast discharge into the lagoons with adequate aeration.

Citizens have become more concerned after it became common knowledge that relatives of Councilwoman Mary Dryden and Kim Bradley will profit from the Groundworx project. Some have suggested that there may be ethical conflicts of interest involving their vote for the Groundowrx contract as well as Bradley and Dryden's vote to hike sewer rates for the purpose of helping Groundworx secure taxpayer assisted financing.


The entire, unedited question and answer session is below.








14 thoughts on “Carter Carroll on Groundworx, “I think $144 Million Dollars to take care the city our size sewer system is ridiculous!” Says other treatment “avenues” available.

  1. Gary Edwards

    Politicians just have to spend money. I hope we vote “ALL” of them out of office. They have made a mess of this and many other things as well. I am sure that they don’t run their businesses as sloppy as they do the city’s.

  2. Brant Stringer

    Ha Ha Ha. All you fools keep living in hattiesburg paying all that tax and sewer money. Keep smelling the stink in the avenues. Don’t move. Someone has to pay. Glad it’s not me. At least you get to enjoy it every time you flush.

  3. Hattiesburg Patriot

    These are the facts. They are upsetting. Imagine if our sewer bills go up $1200 annually. 16,000 meters and close to $20 million annually to pay for this unnecessary discharge system. Do the math. This should be a crime if it isn’t already.

  4. Hattiesburg Patriot

    The settlement with USA Yeast in December 2012 put into motion the solution to the origin of the smell. A solution is in place but the problem has not been solved; since there is implementation time related to the solution. Carter is definitely one of the problems. He has been on council since the whole problem started.

  5. Mike Hanneke

    there is a difference between ‘has’ and ‘will’… I get a guarantee with that also???? again, dodging that fact that cc has no clue in engineering and what it takes,,,,,,but, whatever,…..if it’s on the internutz and it’s a politician, it has to be true, right???? btw, I live in the aves… stinks like a cow pasture in the early a.m. almost every morning

  6. Hattiesburg Patriot

    Mike Hanneke, what was posted was factual. Secondly, when USA Yeast gets their pet treatment facility online in July the problem will essentially be solved with an additional year of dredging the lagoon and making repairs. Then, the smell will be fixed.

  7. Mike Hanneke

    someone help me out with this…..firstly, what does he know about engineering to make that statement? secondly, have any of you driven in this town lately? ,,,,,it’s a freakin’ obstacle course due to cave-ins …..and that ‘smell’…..eeewwwww that smell… hasn’t gone away…’s better, but it’s hardly gone…..if you guys are going to post shite……at least be factual and fair…..your bias in leaning on obstinate

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