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Convicted former Chief Deputy Charles Bolton and wife sue two FBI agents over WDAM interview

Convicted former Chief Forrest County Deputy, Charles Bolton and his wife have filed suit against two FBI agents. The lawsuit alleges that Christopher Freeze and Jerome McDuffie slandered the Boltons and caused emotional distress when the two agents, “misrepresent(ed) as fact that Charles and Linda Bolton had stolen over $700,000 worth of food from the […]

Disgraced City Attorney Charles Lawrence Sued for $600,000 Over Unethical Behavior, Slander, Gross Negligence, and Violation of Attorney-Client Privilege

Disgraced City Attorney Charles Lawrence is sued by Ware Supporter Arthur Smith for unethical behavior, Slander, Breech of attorney client privilege, and other disgraceful actions.

The chickens are now coming home to roost for disgraced City Attorney Charles Lawrence and the Dupree Administration. Lawrence has now been sued to the tune of a $600,000 lawsuit filed by Hattiesburg citizen and Dave Ware supporter Arthur Smith.  Smith, who campaigned for Dave Ware in Ware’s bid for the Mayor’s seat cast an […]

Pastor Kenny Fairley’s Son, Vaston Fairley, Attacks Local Singer Songwriter Over “Fairley / Dupree” Lyrics

Wiliam Vaston Fairley

Things became violent in a hurry at Brownstone’s Restaurant on July 20th, and customers were horrified with fear when a man identified as William Vaston Fairley stormed from the bar where he was sitting to confront Thomas Jackson over lyrics in the song Jackson was singing. The song written by Jackson was about Hattiesburg and […]

Municipal Court Report Alleges Conspiracy Between Mayor Johnny Dupree and City Attorney Lawrence to Obfuscate Truth in an Attempt to Cover Up Crimes

Amicus Curiae Statement to Hattiesburg City Council | October 01, 2012 “If people have concerns about our court, our court is fine.” Mayor Johnny Dupree  ”I said it last week and I’ll say it again now. There’s no corruption in our court system.” Mayor Johnny Dupree “The investigation uncovered mostly poor job performance which is […]

Jamie Hooker former Hattiesburg police captain and CROOKed cop, get slap on the wrist. Hooker: “My TV went out and I just wanted to watch the latest episode of World’s Dumbest Criminals.”

Jamie Hooker Hattiesburg, former Police Captain and Crook

Jamie Hooker, former Hattiesburg Police Captian and CROOK plead guilty on the 12th of August and was sentenced to only 5 years probation on August 20th. Jamie Hooker of Hattiesburg could have served 20 years and paid a $5000 fine. Approximately $3500 in evidence went missing, and Jamie Hooker allegedly stole a television, bringing disgrace […]

More racial attacks against white city council members by Glenda Funchess: Garmon challenges Mayor Johnny Dupree to reject insensitive remarks.

Glenda Funchess Racist two bit attorney

In what has become a recurring theme with the Forrest county NAACP and its close supporters, racially insensitive attacks are launched from the podium of the citizen’s forum at white council members. Members of the NAACP and its leadership have made numerous, racially insensitive comments calling white city councilman “plantation managers” and having “plantation mentalities” […]