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Wastewater Treatment Options

Carter Carroll on Groundworx, “I think $144 Million Dollars to take...

After attending a Concerned Citizens for Responsible Wastewater Presentation on April 17th, Councilman Carter Carroll pulled back from the $600 Million 30 year contract...

Wastewater Engineer Calls Hattiesburg City Council “Dumb and Dumber Political Leaders.”

A 2012 email obtained by the Hattiesburg Patriot depicts an engineer with Air Diffusion technologies at his wits end having to deal the Hattiesburg...

City’s $600 Million 30 Year Contract with York’s Groundworx Puts Tremendous...

After review by independent attorneys advising a group of concerned citizens, one attorney called the contract "an annuity for Groundworx."  Another said Groundworx had "no...

Engineered to Fail, Racketeer Regulators, and the Poop Dupe

The City of Hattiesbug's wastewater problems began back in 2002 when something unheard of was done. The city of Hattiesburg's enginner Bennie Sellers...

Political Possum: Gia Croom’s fainting spell foils $600,000,000 “Sewage Heist” Turning...

As citizens were ordered to vacate citizen’s council quarters for a closed door executive session, Hattiesburg native Gia Croom fell out in the floor in...

Mayor Johnny Dupree’s Poor Due Diligence in USA Yeast Agreement Led...

In 2001 Mayor Dupree signed an agreement with USA Yeast, to supply water to the factory as well as treat its waste. The agreement...

9.10.2012 Public Wastewater Treatment Hearing

FLASH VIDEO (Apple format next section) Part 1/wp-content/Video/Full-Council-Videos/sept2012/9.10.2012-wastewater-treatment-hearing/9.10.2012-WASTEWATERMEETING1.flvPart 2/wp-content/Video/Full-Council-Videos/sept2012/9.10.2012-wastewater-treatment-hearing/9.10.2012-WASTEWATERMEETING2.flvPart 3/wp-content/Video/Full-Council-Videos/sept2012/9.10.2012-wastewater-treatment-hearing/9.10.2012-WASTEWATERMEETING3.flvPart 4/wp-content/Video/Full-Council-Videos/oct2012/10.1.2012-4.flv APPLE Part 1/wp-content/Video/Full-Council-Videos/sept2012/9.10.2012-wastewater-treatment-hearing/9.10.2012-WASTEWATERMEETING1.iPhone.m4vPart 2/wp-content/Video/Full-Council-Videos/sept2012/9.10.2012-wastewater-treatment-hearing/9.10.2012-WASTEWATERMEETING2.iPhone.m4vPart 3/wp-content/Video/Full-Council-Videos/sept2012/9.10.2012-wastewater-treatment-hearing/9.10.2012-WASTEWATERMEETING3.iPhone.m4v

Insider says USA YEAST used retalitory politics via Governor Barbour’s office...

A high level government insider has disclosed to the Patriot that USA Yeast used its political connections with Governor Barbour's office to halt Mississippi...
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