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Mayor Johnny Dupree Announces Partnership With Febreze to Solve “Hattiesburg Stench.” Official Fragrance of Hattiesburg Chosen.

In a special called meeting today, Mayor Johnny Dupree put before council his plans to partner the City of Hattiesburg with Febreze International to address the city’s waste water related stench.  The plan will cost taxpayers $18,600 to retrofit two mosquito insecticide trucks with fragrance ionizers to discharge “New Car Scent” Febreze fragrance throughout the city of Hattiesburg.  […]

Interview with Democratic Chariman Ricky Cole: The rumors about me bleeding the party dry are exaggerated.

Hattiesburg Patriot Mr. Cole is it true that you are Chairman of the Democratic State Executive Committee and Executive Director of the party? RICKY COLE – Yes Hattiesburg Patriot Isn’t in unusual that one person hold both positions? RICKY  COLE – Well, yes that is unusual, but I am an unusual person. Hattiesburg Patriot- Is […]

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree Gets an Earful from Britain’s Got Talent Mr. Methane Regarding Hattiesburg Smell

johnny dupree

Don’t Forget to Share, Recommend, and/or Tweet Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree’s USA Yeast debacle keeps getting worse. What was supposed to be a $1,000,000 sludge removal cleanup of our sewage lagoons is now up to $5,000,000 and could top out at $10,000,000 to $15,000,000. The contract  (click link to left view contract) signed by Mayor Johnny Dupree […]

Hell Hath Frozen! Hattiesburg Council President Kim Bradley and Forrest County NAACP President Clarence McGee have kissed and made up!

Hattiesburg City Council President Forrest County NAACP President Clarence McGee

African-American Stella Macabee is expected to be a shoe-in for approval to the Hattiesburg City School Board. Mrs. Macabee said she would work with the Hattiesburg City Council, should tax increases for the school district’s general fund become needed in the future. Eleanor Harris and Fred Burns were not reappointed because they raised taxes and […]

Exclusive Video: Councilman Dave Ware and Councilwoman Deborah Delgado at the 3D Lounge.

Dave Ware and Deborah Delgado hattiesburg News

Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley was not happy about this shindig and wants to get to the bottom of why they were at the 3d lounge and the somewhat murky circumstances behind its opening. Additional 3d Lounge information.   [FMP width=”500″ height=”281″]/wp-content/Video/Edited-Council-Video/Dave-Ware-Deborah-Delgado-3D-Club.360p.flv[/FMP]