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Pastor Kenny Fairley’s Son, Vaston Fairley, Attacks Local Singer Songwriter Over “Fairley / Dupree” Lyrics

Wiliam Vaston Fairley

Things became violent in a hurry at Brownstone’s Restaurant on July 20th, and customers were horrified with fear when a man identified as William Vaston Fairley stormed from the bar where he was sitting to confront Thomas Jackson over lyrics in the song Jackson was singing. The song written by Jackson was about Hattiesburg and […]

Election Commission and Dupree Clash | Fairley to Hattiesburg Patriot, “Man, get that camera out of my face.”

Johnd Brown Hattiesburg

Mayor Dupree, Pastor Kenneth Fairley, News Media, and another twenty or so Ware and Dupree supporters crowded around the clerks counter as the Municipal election commission eliminated 56 of the affidavit ballots, accepted 40, and have 19 still up for review. The Hattiesburg Patriot was there to video the exchange between the Mayor and the […]