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Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association President Andrea Saffle Denies “Purposfully Excluding” Councilwoman Delgado from Meeting. READER POLL Do you think she was purposfully excluded?

Andrea Saffle and Deborah Delgado Hattiesburg MS Redistricting 2012

Councilwoman Deborah Delgado accused president Andrea Saffle and the neighborhood association she lives in of  being, “exclusionary to me” and, “I was specifically excluded” she said. She wanted the record to reflect this.  Ms. Delgado said she had received a mailer about the meeting, and commented that she has very rarely been able to attend […]

CPAC sent PACking; no majority-minority ward created. Forrest County NAACP request new “honkie” jokes.

Clarence McGee Hattiesburg Forrest County NAACP

Today the Hattiesburg city council voted to adopt a modification of the original plan proposed by consulting firm Briggs and Watson. The majority voters were Council President Kim Bradley, Council Vice President Dave Ware, and Carter Carroll. Deborah Delgado voted for CPAC, which now stands for, “we will C you PAC that ridiculous plan up”. […]

6.28.2012 Final Redistricting Hearing CE Roy Comminity Center (full 3 part video)

Each video runs about 13 minutes. Part 1 [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″][/FMP] Part 2 [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″][/FMP] Part 3 [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″][/FMP]

Oaks District Association President Tom Garmon opposes CPAC; stands with Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Assn.

Tom Garmon Hattiesburg

[FMP width=”450″ height=”253″][/FMP] Tom Garmon, editor of this news site and described his bi-racial association’s objections to the CPAC redistricting plan. Mr. Garmon went on to give his personal support to the bi-racial plan developed by Councilman Naylor and Council Vice President Dave Ware. Garmon, speaking as a citizen, referred to the CPAC plan as […]

Redistricting Public Hearing #3 at Danny Hinton Community Center Full Video (HD)

These videos are HD and require a broadband internet connection. Part 1 This video includes Chris Watkins giving an overview of the redistricting process. [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″][/FMP] Part 2 This video includes Chris Watkins presenting the original plan and two new, additional plans. [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″][/FMP] Part 3 [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″][/FMP] Part 4 [FMP width=”450″ […]

Councilman Naylor hammers Supervisor Ron Woullard and other detractors in response to extraneous remarks.

Henry Naylor hattiesburg

Forrest County Supervisor Rod Woullard took the podium and walked the audience on a  good old-fashioned southern stroll of how (TEN YEARS AGO)  he felt Naylor snubbed him in the redistricting process back in early 2000s, and it only digressed into personal attacks by Mr. Woullard. Subsequently, an unknown member of Councilman Naylor’s ward continued the […]