Racist Flyer Cast Shame on Blacks for Taking Food at Ware Campaign Events

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Glenda Funchass, a two bit racist attorney who works with the Mississippi Center for Legal Services, authored and distributed a pre election anti Dave Ware flyer to churches and citizens in Hattiesburg, listing a number of reasons to not vote for Ware. One of the reasons #5 was apparently the fact that Mr. Ware is white. The flyer attempts to cast shame on blacks who might take food at campaign events of Mr. Ware.  The flyer cites the deaths of Medger Evers and Vernon Dahmer, and talks about how blacks have shed blood to have the right to vote; therefore should not take food from a white candidate. The flyer makes no mention of the white Christians and Jews who also fought and died in the civil rights movement.

Glenda Funchiss Hattiesburg
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Mrs. Funchiss has a history of radical and racist behavior. In 2012 she attended a city council meeting and berated council and our government calling it, "Plantation Style," and asked the mayor to break the tie vote (2 to 2) re appointing her friends Eleanor Burns and Frank Harris, both African American, back to the school board. Dave Ware was not present for that vote, and as a consequence, they were not reappointed. However, both Burns and Harris were replaced with other African-Americans. (see #3 on the flyer)

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The flyer was brought to the Hattiesburg Patriot's attention when it was promoted on Facebook by the City of Hattiesburg's Metropolitan Director, Christine Brown.  Christine Brown, is the wife to the Mayor's assistant John Brown.  The Browns could also be  seen in an election day video together with both her and him riding around videoing themselves and promoting that people should "vote early, vote often." Mr. Brown loves to be in front of a camera. The video, which was  posted by John Brown on social media has been taken down, and it is expected to be evidence in Dave Ware's lawsuit, showing the mayor's office alleging the  promotion of voter fraud. The Hattiesburg Patriot has been informed by members of the African American community that "
Vote Early, Vote Often" is a known saying throughout the community, reminding people to vote for other people (relatives and friends).

If readers are concerned and want their council-person to be vocal in meetings about this type of city employee conduct, they can be contacted at:

Bradley, KimCouncil - Ward 1601.261.5060
Denard Delgado, DeborahCouncil - Ward 2601.582.2560
Carroll, CarterCouncil - Ward 3601.268.7583601.264.3711
Mary DrydenCouncil - Ward 4601.545.4551
Naylor, HenryCouncil - Ward 5601.584.6160