Cochran Spaniel and a Cocker McSpaniel Amoung New Politicized Dog Breeds in Mississippi

Winger bred a long living breed of Spaniel register with the AKC as a "Cochran Spaniel."

Mississippi Dog breeders have gone over the top in their support for the upcoming Senate Race between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel. Republican Dog Breeder Perra Winger has supported Cockran as long as she can remember. Winger bred a long living breed of Spaniel. Winger said, "The breed is extremely loyal, likes pork treats, and lives a long time. The breed is registered with the American Kennell Club as a 'Cochran Spaniel'."

Kippy Stewart said she created the Cocker McSpaniel breed becasue, "Chris Mcdaniel is just plain hot. I'm voting for him on looks alone."

Kippy Stewart, a breeder in Hattiesburg, created another entirely new breed of Spaniel. Kippy is a die hard McDaniel supporter and registered the new breed as "Cocker McSpaniel." Stewart said, "I think McDaniel is hot and thought the best way to show my support is create a breed in his honor." Stewart touted, "the dog's hair stays in place, has a shiny coat, and naturally stays well groomed." Stewart even boasted,

Keith Plunkett, McDaniel consultant complained he couldn't catch the Cochran Spaniel to do a side by side comparison. "The dog just runs away every time we approach it."

Keith Plunkett a consultant for the McDaniel Campaign said, "We can't catch that darn Cochran Spaniel to verify the breeders claims. The dog just runs away ever time we approach it. It won't stand next to our dog breed in side by side comparison."

Republican Party Chairman went on Morning Joe to discuss the new Mississippi dog breeds.
Republican Party Chairman went on Morning Joe to discuss the new Mississippi dog breeds.

Republican party Chairman Joe Nosef got in on the issue, saying "I am not taking sides, but it does concern me that the breeders of the 'McSpaniel' used an out of state male dog to create the new breed. However, the Cochran Spaniel is bred from a full blooded Mississippi Spaniel. In fact it was Haley Barbor's Spaniel "Tessy" that was used in the breed's creation. Mr. Nosef went on to say, "As party chairman I can't pick sides, but I am getting me one of those Cochran Spaniels."