Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley: ‘I still have a little ass left.’

Hattiesburg News Councilman Carter carroll Ass
Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley shows what is left of his ass after a April 30th citizen's forum session.

Well, you won't get an argument from this reporter. Mr. Bradley stated he didn't need a new cushion in his seat on this particular day. He assured everyone, "I still have a little ass left." The previous day's citizen's forum session had been a ringer for the council president. He was admonished strongly by many in the African-American community regarding the failure of the council to reappoint Fred Burns and Eleanor Harris. More details can be found here.

The fact that Bradley has some room to go in the ass department is exceptionally good news in the way of job security for Forrest County NAACP President Clarence McGee, and Mississippi Department of Legal Services Attorney Glenda Funchess; however, it's not clear which ass will be the next target once Mr. Bradley's is gone.

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