CPAC sent PACking; no majority-minority ward created. Forrest County NAACP request new “honkie” jokes.

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Forrest County NAACP needs new "Honkie" jokes.

Today the Hattiesburg city council voted to adopt a modification of the original plan proposed by consulting firm Briggs and Watson. The majority voters were Council President Kim Bradley, Council Vice President Dave Ware, and Carter Carroll. Deborah Delgado voted for CPAC, which now stands for, "we will C you PAC that ridiculous plan up". Henry Naylor voted for the majority-minority plan on which he had input.

Now the Forrest County NAACP, Clarence McGee, and the The Mississippi Center For Legal Services two bit, racist attorney Glenda Funchess can come up with some new material to malign more whites at future meetings.  If you have any good "cracker" or  "honkie" jokes, please send them to:

Forrest County NAACP

Cracker & Honkie Jokes Department

Attention Clarence McGee

555 Cracker Jack Lane

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Also to:

The Mississippi Center For Legal Services (a taxpayer funded organization)

Attn. Attorney Glenda Funchess, Racist

132 Insensitivity Lane

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Only time will tell if Mayor Johnny Dupree will lead by example and rebuke this racist language against our white leadership. TAKE THE READER POLL HERE.

Redistricting Map
Update:City Council Votes 3-2 on Redistricting Plan  Mayor J... on Twitpic



39 thoughts on “CPAC sent PACking; no majority-minority ward created. Forrest County NAACP request new “honkie” jokes.

  1. Tom Garmon

    What's is very important to keep in mind. MOST AFRICAN-AMERICANS rebuke this language. Most do not approve. Many people within the African-American community have told this to my face. Point blank, "Clarance McGee is outdated" An 82 year old man told me this. A 40 year old man told me this. Many others told me this. We as PEOPLE need to stand up WHEREVER RACISM REARS ITS UGLY HEAD and SPEAK OUT!

    1. Lynn Krell

      So you are going to write a letter to the editor or a guest column for the paper pointing out the clearly discriminatory comments made at this week's Council meeting? And the fact that NOBODY is entitled to any certain percentage of representation anywhere? Women make up over 50% of the population but we only have 20% of the representation on the Council so do we not have gender inequity in this community? Are you going to speak out against that too? I'm just trying to understand who you are and what your line in the sand is.

    2. Tom Garmon

      My line is the sand is that RACISM should not be allowed to exist, especially in our government council hall. African-Americans should rebuke such remarks as insensitive. I am speaking in reference to racist statements on the record, in our city council hall. I do not put words in people's mouths.

    3. Lynn Krell

      Okay, I get that my gender's inequities don't matter to you. When will I see that letter to the editor rebuking Ms. Delgado for her statement after the redistricting vote about the people believing that if there are 3 blacks on the council that the community will go to hell in a handbasket. You seem to be quite passionate about the topic so please speak out in the public forum rather than just online to a select few. You could do a lot more good if you would.

    4. Tom Garmon

      Look, I am not here to create issues. This is a site that reports what happens in city council meeting and public hearings. It's not about me, per se, it is about the issues that arise in these meetings. If a citizen makes a gender issue it will be reported. Also, I spoke on video about it. It has been viewed 1100 times. The Patriot Show is coming soon. It will include a multi-racial discussion group.

  2. Greg Prine

    Way to go Tom, you might have just killed this for the normal person and made this a racist BS site.

    I did not know you were a racist, or wanted to promote division, but your agenda is clear now.

    1. Lynn Krell

      I know exactly what satire is, but the problem with attempts at online satire is that they do not include vocal inflections, facial expressions and body language to differentiate them from just plain old-fashion meanness. The black words on a white background leave a lot to interpretation.

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