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CPAC sent PACking; no majority-minority ward created. Forrest County NAACP request new “honkie” jokes.

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Forrest County NAACP needs new “Honkie” jokes.

Today the Hattiesburg city council voted to adopt a modification of the original plan proposed by consulting firm Briggs and Watson. The majority voters were Council President Kim Bradley, Council Vice President Dave Ware, and Carter Carroll. Deborah Delgado voted for CPAC, which now stands for, “we will C you PAC that ridiculous plan up”. Henry Naylor voted for the majority-minority plan on which he had input.

Now the Forrest County NAACP, Clarence McGee, and the The Mississippi Center For Legal Services two bit, racist attorney Glenda Funchess can come up with some new material to malign more whites at future meetings.  If you have any good “cracker” or  “honkie” jokes, please send them to:

Forrest County NAACP

Cracker & Honkie Jokes Department

Attention Clarence McGee

555 Cracker Jack Lane

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Also to:

The Mississippi Center For Legal Services (a taxpayer funded organization)

Attn. Attorney Glenda Funchess, Racist

132 Insensitivity Lane

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Only time will tell if Mayor Johnny Dupree will lead by example and rebuke this racist language against our white leadership. TAKE THE READER POLL HERE.

Redistricting Map
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