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Sweet Motion to Withdraw Remained Unfiled


dennis sweet
Exhibit “B” Dennis Sweet III

Hattiesburg Patriot News Media recently published a “Motion to Withdraw” pertaining to Dennis Sweet III. The report published here stated that the motion had been filed with the court. The motion had not been filed with the court. That reporting was in error, and the article was unpublished, corrected, and republished once it was learned, through Sweet’s Motion for Contempt, that this document was not filed on the record.

Sweet has alleged the government leaked HPNM the document; which according to Sweet was sent to two members of the prosecution; however HPNM has never had any contact with any person working for the state nor any person named in his Motion for Contempt filing. According to Sweet multiple people had access to this document. The document published on hattiesburgpatriot.com contained nothing that indicated that the document was confidential or under seal.

Sweet III stated in his filing,

“7. On April 27, 2022, defense counsel learned that the unfiled Motion to Withdraw as Counsel was published in or on the news website, Hattiesburg Patriot. (See attached Exhibit ‘B’ – Website Publication). No information or documentation relating to the unfiled Motion to Withdraw as Counsel was provided or leaked by defense counsel to the Hattiesburg Patriot. Thus, it is believed, and hence alleged, that this leaked information and documentation emanated from either Patrick Beasley or Kinshasa West.”

“8. The disclosure and publication of defense counsel’s unfiled Motion to Withdraw as Counsel has resulted in a violation of this Court’s ‘gag order.’ Accordingly, the Defendant requests that the source of such leaked information or documentation be cited for his or her violation of this Court’s ‘gag order.’ In addition, the Defendant requests that Thomas Garmon, Jr., publisher of the Hattiesburg Patriot news article containing the unfiled Motion to Withdraw as Counsel, be cited for contempt for his violation of this Court’s ‘gag order.'”

HPNM is a news corporation that has a duty to publish accurate information of interest to its readers and viewers and correct the record when an error is made. This article serves as that correction. HPNM is not a party to this case or a party to the gag order and has not been contacted by anyone affiliated with the legal proceedings.

Sweet Motion for Contempt



“Motion to Withdraw” This document remains unfiled

Bevily Motion to Withdraw
Dennis Sweet III filed a motion to withdraw as co-counsel in T’kia Bevily’s defense.

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