1:30pm Livestream of Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance v. Judge Gay Polk-Payton Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Polk-Payton argues,

The Commission seeks to discipline Judge Polk-Payton for speech that other judges routinely engage in: promoting a book and using social media. These common activities do not threaten the integrity of the judiciary. Rather, they are valuable to voters who can evaluate that speech and use it to make informed decisions. The Commission believes Judge Polk-Payton’s use of the Twitter handle “@JudgeCutie” is “undignified and demeaning” to the judicial office, but the handle conveys the judge’s personality to the public, which is essential for an elected judge.

The Commission also objects to a photo on the cover of the judge’s book, which shows her in ordinary clothes with her robe partially on; it is not clear whether she is putting on her robe or taking it off, but neither action demeans the judicial office. “Undignified” is a subjective judgment, and if anyone should enforce it, it should be the voters: If they find Judge Polk-Payton’s speech unbecoming to a judge, they will make that known come election time"


20 thoughts on “1:30pm Livestream of Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance v. Judge Gay Polk-Payton Tuesday, June 13, 2017

    1. Kae Nicole

      Kimberly McCarty comprehension is fundamental for most, but it seems you have a problem with that. Be embarrassed about yourself. Additionally, the post originated from Hattiesburg Patriot News & I will continue to comment, if I want. Who’s going to stop me?

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      You should stop yourself…..LOL BTW using big words or words out of context doesn’t make u ok intelligent. However, I see you changed too, to two. At least your learning something in the process of commenting. Carry on!

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      Kimberly McCarty I don’t need validation from you to know that I’m intelligent. Have you ever heard, prayer changes things? Praying that you will stop trying to belittle another intelligent sister, including Judge Gay-Polk…Now, carry on.

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      Thank you Kimberly Fairley-Williams you’re absolutely correct. ‘Trust it was definitely a mistake not a common practice, as this lady continues to do under my comment and this one. You have a great name btw. LOL Speaking and writing English, is one of my better attributes. Basically what I was saying It’s better to say simple things correctly, rather than, saying things using words that aren’t in line with the subject matter.

    5. Kimberly McCarty

      Auto correct doesn’t help LOL. I mean you can spell something correct and it will change it….NEVERTHELESS, Gay using judge cutie, is still not befitting. My point and opinion, all in one….FOR THOSE WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND.

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