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Patrick Zachary, Forrest County School Board attorney owes the IRS $174,979.99 in back taxes.


Attorney Patrick Zachary Hattiesburg 39401
(Click to enlarge and please click “recommend” or “tweet” above or below the article.) Pictured above is the lien for back taxes against Forrest County School Board Attorney Patrick Zachary. This information was brought to our attention by a confidential informant within the legal community.

Some may call him a “tax avoider”, but the fact of the matter is that Mr. Patrick Zachary, the attorney for the Forrest County School Board, owes the IRS a whopping $174,979.99.   And we hope for Forrest County taxpayer’s sake he isn’t giving any tax advice.

The Hattiesburg Patriot made numerous attempts to contact Mr. Zachary for a comment, but our calls were not returned. The HP put out an FPZ (Find Patrick Zachary) to our social informant network, and within hours a tip came in that  Mr. Zachary was “bellied up” at a local watering hole. The Hattiesburg Patriot editor went personally to ask for a comment from Mr. Zachary, and low and behold there was a single vacant seat right next the barrister.

Hattiesburg Patriot:

I sat down and ordered an IPA .  It arrived, and I marveled at its golden color and floral bouquet. I took a sip savoring its bitter floralcy; then turned to my left, and slid the IRS tax lien it in front of  Mr. Zachary.  “Do you care to comment on this,” I said. He paused and looked briefly at the chancery court document as if I was seeking free legal advice; then mumbled something and slid it back.”That’s you isn’t it? Do you have a comment”, I reiterated.  He took a second look, held it up within range of his bifocals. “I have no comment”, he said; and rose from his seat, separated his bifocals at the bridge, which fell to his collar, and mumbled something about me needing an attorney. So, I turned and said amusingly,  “I need an attorney?”  Zachary then responded, “Every heard of interfering with a contract?”

I had just been threatened with a tortius interference lawsuit. Mr. Zachary, essentially conveyed that if I reported that he owed over $174,979.99 in back taxes, and he gets fired from the school board; he might sue me for damages.  In spite of the hilarity, if was a pretty quick and creative threat.  Now that I have time to think about this threat, I have a response.

Mr. Zachary,  the truth is an absolute defense. Now, go pay your taxes and have a nice day.

Yours Truly,

The Hattiesburg Patriot

Any concerned citizen can call and complain to the  Forrest County School Board general number at 601-545-6055, or contact the president, Charles McMahan, at 601-583-2118, or can also call the Forrest County Board of Supervisors at  (601) 545-6009 and voice your concerns. The meetings the first Monday of the month at 5:30pm in the chancery building.

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