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GovernmentForrest CountyVIDEO: FC Bus driver assaults student.

VIDEO: FC Bus driver assaults student.


A video obtained by Hattiesburg Patriot News Media shows a bus driver employed at the Forrest County School District assaulting an unnamed student. Throughout the encounter, the driver appears to have the student in a choke hold.

“He’s over here fighting a 5’3″ kid thinking he is bad”

At one point the driver proclaims,

“No one on this bus could knock me out.”

At one point another student says to the driver,

“There’s high schoolers and kids on here. Why are you trying to fight anybody?”

At the end of the video Coach Alexander (Coach A) get’s on the bus to diffuse the situation. HPNM reached out to the district. Mr. Bryan Freeman told HPNM,

“We have seen the video, and the employee has been terminated for violating our policies and procedures. That is not something we tolerate. We will not tolerate, and that employee is no longer with us.”


  1. Just to drop some of what I’m hearing just to clarify, is that the boy in the video is a known bully who not only like to pick on kids with disabilities but like to stab the BD in the neck with a pencil and make horrible threats to people. The BD was not choking the kid he was restraining him till other personnel came. Everyone talking about him and his language what about the kids language? The lack of respect these kids show is more concerning than a BD containing a bully. And before people start with the “your family so you gotta defend him” crap I haven’t had shit to do with my brother for many years and am simply defending a BD for doing what (if what I hear is right)is the right thing to do in his situation.

  2. This is crazy. Choke hold???? He was restraining the child….where is the part of the video that shows why the bus driver had to stop the bus and RESTRAIN the child? If Hattiesburg Patriot is so big in reporting the truth then report all of it. Based on this clip parent should be glad he was the driver….again he simply restrained him

  3. It’s all very sad, but back in the day, many years ago, kids would not have dreamed of such. We were all taught respect at home. That’s where it starts. We had very young bus drivers when we were in school. We were taught to respect them just like our elders. They were in a place of responsibility so they got respect. I’m not taking up for ANYONE!!Respect is a 2 way street & begins at home. Who knows what had happened or how many times..

  4. I have seen video from beginning to end. Not sure why it was not shown here. I will say, that from this small tid bit, it might LOOK like he was restraining the CHILD. This is 6/8 minutes in. The driver asked the child to come to the front. As he was walking to the front the driver jerked him & started pushing him. The CHILD told him to get his hands off of him & tried to pull away. This is when the “man” decided to “restrain” the child. He slammed him down on the seat numerous times causing the CHILD’S head to hit against the side of the seat & the wall of the bus. The whole time he is hollaring & taunting the CHILD. Also arguing with another kid over how tuff he is or how he makes more money than them. This is the grown up that was in charge of children’s well being!! I assure you, the actions taken by this “man” were unnecessary!!!

  5. The WHOLE video needs to be seen before some people start putting their opinions in. Why was it not shown. It will LITERALLY make you sick to your stomach. This is not a “man”, he is an animal!!!!! No matter what this child done this piece of dirt had NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER manhandling this child the way he did. God help if he EVER put his hands on one of mine!!!!

  6. So what caused the driver to stop the bus and go “assault” this student? Did he get tired of driving and just pull over and go attack him? Or was the student fighting with another student,hurting another student, hurting himself? If the student was fighting with someone and the driver didn’t do anything he would have been fired. If he stops whatever was happening we get to see a 1 sided video with no explanation of what happened that led up to the student being restrained and he gets fired. Seems like your “sources” would have told you the whole story and if they did hopefully the whole story would be reported. Instead you are out for likes and shares at the expense of a person that barely makes minimum wage 4 hours a day driving a bus. A reputable site would not post half a story without some effort put into trying to get a statement from the district. But because of the antics and stunts this site has pulled in the past they will never been seen as reputable. I do understand the frustration of the issues that are covered here but sometimes people have a hard time getting past the tactics used

  7. HP where is the video evidence where this guy is assaulting this student? He’s restraining him yes but not hitting or punching him. Now we don’t know what happened before the camera started rolling but it’s a little disingenuous to say he’s assaulting him.

    • Innocent until proven guilty.

      Under Mississippi law, a person commits an assault if he:

      attempts to physically injure another personintentionally or recklessly causes physical injury to anothernegligently causes bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon, orthreatens another person, causing that person to feel afraid that he is about to suffer serious physical injury.

      A reckless act is one that is committed, not necessarily with intent to harm another, but without regard for the outcome. Pushing someone out of the way in a crowd so that you can get through, without intending to injure the person, could be an assault if the person falls and is injured. A negligent act is one that is not intentional but occurs because the actor fails to exercise reasonable care. An accidental shooting can be a negligent assault if it results from a person not being careful enough when handling or firing a gun.

      The physical injury involved in a simple assault must be a minor injury like a cut, scrape and bruise. If the offender causes more serious injury, such as a broken bone or an injury that requires surgery or hospitalization, the crime is an aggravated assault, which is a more serious offense than simple assault. For information on this crime and assault with a deadly weapon, see Aggravated Assault in Mississippi

    • Joseph Barker I agree with you, I was just stating that I had seen the entire video and it was defiantly assault. Even if that kid had done something that justifies being restrained, he didn’t deserve what he got! I’m a parent that still believes in spanking! We go through wooden spoons at my house like crazy, this was over the top, excessive and made me sick to my stomach to watch!

    • Kristy Broadhead hence I said “now we don’t know what happened before the camera started rolling”. The headline says it shows video of the driver assaulting him. I saw him restraining him. And yes I know if you put your hands on anyone without their consent then it can be considered assault. If this kid was going off on another kid or the driver then I would hope someone would restrain him.

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