Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree Announces 2013 Fart Carnival

Mayor Johnny Dupree Hattiesbrug Stinks

Pictured above is a shirt Mayor Johnny Dupree plans to wear at the first annual Hattiebsurg Fart Carnival, in celebration of Hattiesburg's stench.

When the city begins to clean up the sludge in the bottom of the south lagoon in the coming weeks, Hattiesburg is expected to have a higher than normal stinch resulting from the sludge removal. Always looking to turn a negative into a positive, Mayor Dupree announced that Hattiesburg will begin its first annual Fart Carnival. Dupree issued a statement to the press that stated, “I know the city has stunk to high heaven since I was elected and signed that terrible deal with USA Yeast, but we should embrace the stench, create an industry around it, and build jobs.”

Mayor Johnny Dupree sat down with the Hattiesburg Patriot to discuss his plans.

HP: Mayor, how did you come up with this idea?

Mayor:  Well, I was sitting down with City Attorney Charles Lawrence for lunch one day, and the odor hit me. I almost vomited; then the idea came to me.

HP: So the lagoons were acting up again?

johnny dupree

Mayor Johnny Dupree gets an earful from Mr. Methane about the contract he signed with USA Yeast causing Hattiesburg's odor.

Mayor: No, Charles farted, and it smelled worse than the lagoons. Heck, my eyes even watered, but the light Charles Lawrence Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupreebulb went off, and the idea came into my head that we should have a Fart Carnival and promote it like Live at Five. Maybe would could do a Fart at Five, tie it in with that.

HP: That sounds a little strange if you ask me, Mayor.

Mayor: Well, it does; I realize that, but I bet you didn’t know one of my favorite essays was by Benjamin Franklin titled “Fart Proudly”.  Instead of just complaining about the smell in Hattiesburg, I decided we need to capitalize on it.

HP: I don’t know if I think this is a good idea. Why not address the smell?

Mayor: It’s easier to do nothing and capitalize on the problem. This carnival will be something spectacular. We are going to have a red beans and rice cook off to kick off the festivities Feb 15. That evening, the games will be opened with the Lighting of the Fart ceremony.  I will be lighting John Brown’s fart to kick off the Fart Games. He’s darn good at it. Plus we will have numerous competitions, and entertainment. Mr. Methane is even going to be there, and he has some skills.

HP: Is Mr. Brown doing this willingly?

Mayor Dupree: Hell no, but I pay him $50,000 a year, which makes him the most overpaid man in government; so he does what I tell him to do. If I want the man lighting farts, he’s going to light farts. It’s that simple. If I wasn’t running for re election, I’d light my own farts. I mean, who doesn’t love to fart?

HP:  What’s that smell?

Mayor Dupree: It must be my legacy.

Mr. Methane to attend 1st Annual Hattiesburg Fart Carnival


39 thoughts on “Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree Announces 2013 Fart Carnival

  1. Sharon Bingham

    To those who say the city has smelled this way for 30+ years, you probably have not walked into an office building closed over the weekend where the smell permeated and was trapped. It’s bad for business, bad for sales tax, bad for city revenues, and a smell that is quite different from Hercules.

  2. Clyde Stewart

    If I am, and I ll bet my pilots license on it then it seems there is massive fraud going back decades here. But, either way ur not moving that plant on 11. And as long as thy are there Hattiesburg will always be stuck with the funk.

  3. Yvonne Bergeron

    The City was told back in 2002 in an evaluation report by In-Pipe Technologies that this was going to happen. They were offered a very simple and cost effective solution to handle the situation from day one and they REFUSED it! Had they followed their advice there would be NO sludge and NO stink. See http://www.in-pipe.com for more info on the process.

  4. Hattiesburg Patriot

    Ryan McMurphy, the current stench relates to the above mentioned USA Yeast issue. This is why we are dredging our lagoons. Studies have proven this with irrefutable evidence. Hercules put out an odor in the past and Marshall Durbin also puts out an odor around the plant. The smell that is akin to sewage is the anaerobic breakdown of USA YEAST waste. It is exacerbated when the lagoon water turns as the temperatures move from cold to hot and vice versa.

  5. Justin Green

    My family got a letter from a lawyer and groundworks llc claiming they were using our family land thru eminent domain and gonna put a pipeline right thru our property in Dixie community to pump this crap somewhere else. Ridiculous!!!

  6. William E. Wallace

    USA Yeast was the breaking point!
    POS representatives sold us out and are selling us out now!
    Greedy Investors willing to rob us further came up with this system of spraying waste onto farmlands and not dumping into the Leaf River, yet all the runoff from this nasty spraying will be washed into the river, nothing solved, public screwed!
    Groundworx, LLC, will be screwing us vigorously on this one!
    Who got paid off to swing this shitty solution?
    You can bet your ass someone, you don’t go out and secure agreements from landowners without an agreement from someone in the city who claims they will back your crooked ass!
    Our city, our city government are nothing but crooked outlaws!
    For sale to the highest bidder!

  7. Hattiesburg Patriot

    No Larry Mix, the lagoon problem started in 2003 when USA Yeast began dumping. Bennie Sellers told everyone it was Marshall Durbin until the owners of the chicken plant went before city council and threatened to sue the city for spreading that lie. Marshall Durbin has an odor in the vicinity of the plant, but the smell we have all over the area today is a result of USA YEAST.

    This is why we have spent millions of dollars dredging the sludge in the lagoon where USA YEAST dumps.

  8. Hattiesburg Patriot

    Jeb, we agreed to treat raw industrial waste of high acidity in a 15 foot deep lagoon with surface aeration. The acidity killed the bacteria and the density of the waste caused it to sink to the bottom, which created a anaerobic breakdown of the waste, leading to sludge buildup. This resulted in high phosphorous and nitrogen levels being dumped into the leaf river.

    As a result of the contamination the city was sued by Gulf Natural Resource Group creating an order of agreement, whereby we have a very strict time line to implement a solution. Failure to do so could result in millions of dollars per year in fines.

    The USA Yeast waste created a catastrophic failure of an 80 acre lagoon.

    The city sued USA Yeast to exit the bad deal and the Mississippi Development Authority agreed to give millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars for a pre treatment facility at the plant , which should have been there from day one.

    Furthermore, Bennie Sellers was forewarned that this would happen, but opted to take the ill advice of a local engineering firm. A study was done about the situation of our lagoon system in or around 2006, but the study was allegedly hidden by Sellers. It was this that allegedly resulted in his prompt exit from the city around 2008 when the study was discovered by council. Sellers was later employeed with Shows Dearmon and Waites.

  9. Jeb Clearman

    The lagoons were built in the early 60’s it’s time to spend $100 Million on it. USA yeast is having to spend $14 million on there on treatment facility because Hattiesburg’s was so out dated! Not taking anybody’s side just saying!

  10. Clyde Stewart

    I ll take u up in a Cessna 172 around 5 pm, abt 500-1500 ft up u smell it. (I’ve Been flying out of bobby chain since 2005) If u fly from bobby chain to pine belt regional it’s all drifting towards hattiesburg all day. It’s settles when the air cools. It’s the gas plant off hwy 11. U can take a roast beef sandwich and have lunch at the sewer lagoons and not smell anything.

  11. Clyde Stewart

    I ll take u up in a Cessna 172 around 5 pm, abt 500-1500 ft up u smell it. (I’ve Been flying out of bobby chain since 2005) If u fly from bobby chain to pine belt regional it’s all drifting towards hattiesburg all day. It’s settles when the air cools. It’s the gas plant off hwy 11. U can take a roast beef sandwich and have lunch at the sewer lagoons and not smell anything.

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