Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree Gets an Earful from Britain’s Got Talent Mr. Methane Regarding Hattiesburg Smell


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Mayor Johnny Dupree gets an earful from Mr. Methane about the contract he signed with USA Yeast causing Hattiesburg's odor.

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree's USA Yeast debacle keeps getting worse. What was supposed to be a $1,000,000 sludge removal cleanup of our sewage lagoons is now up to $5,000,000 and could top out at $10,000,000 to $15,000,000. The contract  (click link to left view contract) signed by Mayor Johnny Dupree in 2001 to treat 800,000 gallons daily of USA Yeast's waste created about only about 47 jobs.   This has gone down as one of the biggest political blunders in Mississippi history.

Mayor Dupree has announced a Fart Carnival to celebrate the smell and create jobs. To read about the Fart Carnival click Mayor Johnny Dupree Hattiesburg Fart Carnival

Residents of Palmer's Crossing are hit with the order nearly 24/7 and 365 days a year, and the entire city has been exposed to this toxic gasses for years.  To remove Dupree and this odor from our town here is what you need to know.

Many people think they are "Registered Democrats" or "Registered Republicans." In Mississippi we don't register as anything. We may think we are "registered" as a party because we may choose to vote in a particular primary, but this is not the case. Whether you call yourself a Democrat, Republican, on Libertarian you can vote in ANY primary, even another party's, but only one.

May 7th is the primary election day. There is no Republican primary, because no two Republicans are running for the same office. There is only a Democratic primary. So, Republicans and Libertarians need to turn out in mass on May 7th and cast a vote either against Dupree and for Thomas Garmon. If you are pulling for an independent candidate you can still vote May 7th in the Democratic primary and try to "primary out" Dupree. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes in a primary, a run-off is held between the top two vote-getters.

Now remember this. If you do not vote in the Democratic Primary and none of the below candidates received 50%+1 vote then you cannot vote in the run-off primary election. So if you don't vote May 7th and Dupree gets less than 50% of the vote you will not be able to cast a vote in the run-off before the general election with the independents. Clyde Stewart supporters, Nathan Jordan Supporters and Dave Ware supporters can help their candidates by getting Dupree out before the general election. Beating an incumbent is an uphill battle, so all independents will stand a better chance against Thomas Garmon as opposed to Dupree.

In the Democratic Primary we have:

Johnny "No Due Process" Dupree
Thomas "Hattiesburg Patriot" Garmon
Catherine Starr

Please share this to educate voters of their rights and how the process works and tell everyone to Vote Thomas Garmon in the Democratic Primary.


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