Hattiesburg Patriot Discussion Show

Special guest and local Attorney, Bill Walter, will be providing legal analysis on several cases.

Walter graduated number one from the United States Military Academy, number one from the University of Mississippi Law School, was the editor of the University Law Journal, and served five years as a combat veteran.

Bill has had cases before the 5th and 8th Circuits of Appeals 15 times. He also represented Hattiesburg Patriot Media and Tom Garmon when Carl Nicholson #CrazyCarl sued to stop the publication of Nicholson's booking video. Nicholson, represented by Seth Hunter at the Dukes Law Firm #TakeADuke walked away quietly after briefs were filed in Federal court.

Bolton's case is headed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Could the 5th Circuit of Appeals order more findings of fact and remand the case back to Judge Starrett? Bill thinks Bolton's due process argunents are strong.

On the flip side, some people may have waived their 5th Amendment rights in filing their affidavits. Nicholson pleaded the 5th during a grand jury proceeding investigating John Lee's taxes. A lot could happen or nothing could happen. Stay tuned for the discussion.

If you have a legal matter and need legal advice, you can contact Bill Walter at 601-909-9393

04.12.2017 Radio Show

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