Hattiesburg Patriot interviews Steven Palazzo


First I would like to thank Representative Palazzo for giving me the time today.  It is not every day that a small news site like mine gets camera time from an elected representative of Representative Palazzo's stature.  I sincerely appreciate the consideration. It means a lot to me and our subscribers.

One question I asked him was something that came up in the Hattiesburg city council meeting and the Forrest County board of supervisors bu concerned citizens. Can something be done to keep WHLT in the Hattiesburg market. Another issues that was brought to my attention by military members was the Obama administration is discontinuing registration of Vietnam vets into the Agent Orange cancer program.  Lastly I wanted to know if he thought President Obama understood the dire consequences of the deficits and debt exceeding our gross domestic product. The video is below.

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  1. "Cutting spending won't ensure prosperity, but cutting spending and growing the economy." Cutting spending at the government level will AID in growing the economy, but whenever a politician mentions cutting spending and growing the economy being the only way to go, they usually mean adding government jobs. We need to CUT GOVERNMENT JOBS! EPA, DoEd, DOE, just to name a few.

    We need a REAL Conservative in Washington, not another RINO. That's why I'm planning on running against Palazzo in 2014.