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Lawmakers end 2022 session with historic spending spree

Mississippi legislators ended the 2022 session on a two-day spending spree where they spent funds at a pace never before seen in the state. During...

Legislature ends session without reviving ballot initiative

The Mississippi Legislature ended the 2022 session not restoring the initiative process that allowed citizens to place issues on the ballot for voters to...

T’kia and Morris Bevily Full Interrogation Videos

Below is T'kia Bevily's first interview with detectives Below is T'Kia Bevily's Full 2nd Interrogation Video Below is Morris Bevily's 1st and 2nd interviews/interrogation with police. T'kia...

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Arrest warrant for woman who accused Emmett Till found nearly 67 years later in courthouse basement

An unserved arrest warrant in the lynching case of Black teenager Emmett Till nearly 70 years ago has been...
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FAQ: Abortion in Mississippi post-Roe v. Wade

Mississippi Today has compiled a list of questions in regards to abortion in Mississippi after the U.S. Supreme Court...

Harry’s Homecoming

I am a fan of first lines in books. But I also like the last lines in movies. In...

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