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Latest NewsEmails show Groundworx instructing council members to hurry up...

Emails show Groundworx instructing council members to hurry up and vote for the system


Click to Enlarge Jack Pittman’s email to Council president Kim Bradley.

The City of Hattiesburg has until September to decide which waste water treatment solution it will use, and it should take it’s time to properly evaluate cost saving options. However, this isn’t going to work for Bennett York, the owner of the overpriced waste water treatment solution known as Groundworx. Groundworx seeks to treat Hattiesburg’s waste water by pumping it through 300 miles of irrigation pipe and spraying it over 10,000 acres of land.  Time is running our for York to acquire that land, since his options to purchase are expiring.

The Hattiesburg Patriot has exclusively obtained emails from Jack Pittman (an attorney working for Groundworx ) to Council President Kim Bradley. Pittman is also a relative of Council President Kim Bradley through marriage.

In one email Jack Pittman, an attorney for Groundworx tells Kim Bradley,

The urgency in moving this along is that Bennett is aware of an effort being made to sell some of the involved land, and he will have serious expenses if he has to have new engineering done, additional land testing,  permit amendments, and higher option and purchase price numbers for different property.

Click to Enlarge Mary Dryden’s email.

The question now worth asking is who does Kim Bradley work for? Does he represent the citizens or Groundworx? It appears Bradley has more of an interest in ramming his friend’s project through than trying to use the time we have to save more money on such a project.


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