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Is “Plukey” Plucked? Lawsuit Filed Amid Criminal Investigation of Sheriff Billy McGee Detention Facility


Charles Plukey Bolton Hattiesburg
Is Plukey plucked? Charles “Plukey” Bolton is 2nd in command of the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department, which is under investigation by the FBI, State Auditor’s Office, and Drug Enforcement Agency.

Things just keep getting worse for Sheriff Billy McGee and Chief Deputy Charles “Plukey” Bolton. It is largely known the department’s food purchases are being investigated by the FBI and Mississippi State Auditor’s office. Initially investigators went back to 2oo7, but investigators have since gone back as far as 1998. Sources tell the Hattiesburg Patriot that food theft could total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, and the theft was so out of control that the jail exceeded the statutory food cost limits of $6.00 per day per prisoner.

Now rumblings are surfacing that the DEA  is investigating drug smuggling by employees at the jail. Other allegations have surfaced such as inmate labor working for a private food service company, and sex with inmates resulting in children being fathered by jail employees. Add to that a Sheriff McGee racing around in county vehicles with undercover tags to rendezvous with his alleged mistress, and one could ask, “What else could possibly be added to the imploding Forrest County Sheriff’s department?” A lawsuit, that’s what.

A key witness in the Ware vs Dupree election trial was Rhonda Lott. Lott worked at the Forrest County Detention center as a booking officer, and she testified that Chief Deputy Charles “Plukey” Bolton called the jail looking for the address of a former inmate and witness who testified that Bolton allowed him to vote for Mayor Dupree in exchange for reducing his fines.  If true, this would be a felony.  The inmate worked at the service center cleaning cars, and he was the only inmate who actually signed his name in the poll books and voted in person.

Sheriff Billy Mcgee
Unafraid to Lead? it appears the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department is in need of new leadership.

Rhonda Lott was called as a witness by the Ware legal team, and she testified that Chief Deputy Charles “Plukey” Bolton called the jail wanting the address for the witness, saying, “That son of a bitch is gonna pay.” According to Lott’s testimony, two other people also witnessed the call. Retaliation against a witness is a felony. When Plukey took the stand, he was asked if he made such a call.  He responded in an overly emphatic manner, “That’s a lie!”  The entire courtroom erupted into laughter. Bolton’s statement seemed to lack credibility, and that statement and the reaction of those in attendance was a one of the more memorable moments during the trial.

Now, Ms, Dunn has filed a lawsuit against The Forrest County Sheriff’s Department, Charles “Plukey” Bolton, and Sergeant Andrea Estrada. The suit outlines how Lott was harassed, labeled a racist, and a bitch.  According to the suit, Lott was removed as a booking officer to become a corrections officer.  Lott had no training as a corrections officer, and this position put her in a position of greater risk for retaliation.

It is apparent that the Forrest County Sheriff’s Office is circling the wagons, and it is also apparent that Charles “Plukey” Bolton and Sheriff Billy McGee are at the epicenter of the department’s problems. Sheriff Mcgee was allegedly conducting an under cover affair using county vehicles and undercover plates. That story can be read by clicking here. Forrest County Sheriff’s department is without a doubt in need of a change in top leadership.

Plukey also sits on the board of the Forrest General Hospital. Forrest General Hospital needs to rethink Bolton’s position on their board.  What experience does he have in health care? Why would Forrest County Supervisors put him there?

Taxpayers deserve better.



  1. AGAIN— Why is he and all the others still in office after all the corruption that went on and was proven in a court of law during the mayors election and the during the trial ? I will be sooooo glad to see him and McGee and all the other people who are found guilty at the jail/city hall gone, both should never be allowed to run or hold a state/county/city job in the state of Mississippi ever again! Got to go !

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