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Latest NewsAudit Shows Hattiesburg Public School District has no strategic...

Audit Shows Hattiesburg Public School District has no strategic plan, lacks safety, and hires unqualified people.


The administration at the Hattiesburg Public School District have some serious problems with addressing failing schools, and according to a state audit, have no strategic plan to move the school in a better direction. School safety was also a key concern in the audit. The audit results were glossed over by Superintendent James Bacchus as being “minor.” While some may be minor, several are very serious. Meanwhile, illegal voter Carmen Anderson is still in charge of hiring.   So, if you are a member of the Delta sorority, graduated from Jackson State, or laundering money for a cocaine ring, let her know you need benefits. If you are white, and want a building level administrator job, good luck. Less than 10% are Caucasian.  The full audit report is below.



  1. This is no exception, folks. This is pretty much the national norm! The Department of Education starts it and it “flows like a river” down to the local level. In particular, some “minority dominated district” bureaucracies are marked by officialism, red tape, and the proliferation of thieves, thugs, malcontents, ne’er-do-wells and the otherwise unqualified and unemployable.

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