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Latest NewsRaylawni Branch to Sean O'Hara, "You took advantage of...

Raylawni Branch to Sean O’Hara, “You took advantage of a man with Alzheimers.- You owe me money, and you know that!”


Sean O'haraAfter today’s election challenge lawsuit, an unusual situation was caught on camera.  Raylawni Branch was videoed asking Shea O’Hara, “When are you going to pay me the money you owe me. – You took advantage of a man with Alzheimers.- You owe me money and you know that!” O’Hara denied the accusation, explaining that he paid a late 1980s campaign printing debt with baseball cards. Mrs. Branch was not too happy with the situation, saying that she and her husband had a new printing company at the time and  O’Hara took advantage of them. The video is below. Sean O’hara received a whopping sixteen votes in the election.



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