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US Attorney appears to be closing in on Mayor Dupree with grab of election soldier (PART 3)


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Martaze Hammond is now in the custody of the US Attorney’s office after the US Attorney filed what is called a Writ of Habeus Corpus Ad Prosequendum.

According to uslegal.com this writ is defined as being issued

for the purpose of removing a prisoner in order to prosecute him in the proper jurisdiction, wherein the act was committed, or to enable him to become the prosecuting witness in a criminal case

A source told this media outlet back during the Bolton trial that Hammond had cut a deal with the US Attorney. It was theorized that Hammond would become a federal witness, likely involving possible voter fraud activity during the 2013 Mayor’s race. A little over two weeks later after that tip, the writ demanding the body of Hammond be delivered to the US Attorney was filed in Federal Court.

In the US Attorney’s petition for the Writ of Habeus Corpus ad Prosequendum he writes that Hammond,

is a defendant in this cause and his presence is required in the Southern District of Mississippi at Jackson, Mississippi, at 9:00 am, for certain proceedings in regard to the above-mentioned criminal action wherein he is a defendant. 

Martaze Hammond a career criminal, indicted for capital rape of an nine year old, was hired by Mayor Dupree to buss elderly voters to the polls "early and often."
Martaze Hammond, a career criminal, was indicted for capital rape of an nine year old and was hired by Mayor Dupree to buss elderly voters to the polls “early and often.” After the election, Hammond was hired with the city, and given a city vehicle.

US Attorney, Jay Golden,  doesn’t say what the cause of action is, but one thing is for certain. Hammond is no longer being housed at the Forrest county Detention Center. and has been out of their custody for almost three weeks.

The general consensus with the HP legal think tank is Hammond was taken into the custody of the federal government for the purposes of giving testimony to a grand jury and to protect both him and his testimony.  Given the likely nature of the information Hammond possesses, Hammond could be a devastating witness to other members of the Dupree Campaign. Mayor Dupree’s campaign manager, Kenneth Fairley Sr., was convicted back in September of stealing money from HUD. Now Hammond, one of Dupree’s top campaign soldiers, and a career criminal, is under the thumb of the Federal government. Hammond is facing several years behind bars, but he has reportedly cut a deal.

The Hattiesburg Patriot has learned that Hammond has intimate knowledge of campaign activities involving the mayor’s “vote early and vote often campaign,” how it was executed, and who was involved. It was reported to the Hattiesburg Patriot that Hammond was part of an small group of campaign workers, whose primary task was bringing voters to various precincts.  Most of this activity reportedly took place very early in the day, just as the polls were opening.

Below are the court filings, and the previous case docket involving Hammond’s possession of a handgun by felon. The new writ was brought in under his previous handgun charge, which can be seen at the bottom of the case docket.

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  1. City of Hattiesburg(Ms)Mayor Johnny Dupree, pictured below, clearly trying to see things from “Rev” ? Kenneth Fairley’s point of view.
    In a WDAM-TV video, which I can not find on their site-wonder why, Dupree can plainly be seen “following” along in the Fairley entourage(flunky’s) leaving the federal courthouse here where he was denied, Wilt Chamberlain style, for an extension of reporting for his bologna sandwiches. You get my drift.
    Anyway, what I was wondering is why & what is the cities highest ranking government representative doing excerting commradery with a FEDERALLY CONVICTED CRIMINAL??? Please tell me he wasn’t a character witness FEDERALLY CONVICTED CRIMINAL! A FELONIOUS PERPETRATOR!!! You don’t reckon Fairley would throw the “honorable”? mayor under the bus if he got just a half of chance? Surely not ?.
    Gosh, I hope y’all are enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it.
    Seriously though, just what is the “mayors” concern to associate himself with a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELONIOUS CRIMINAL??? WHILE ON CITY TIME! The taxpayers dollar! I wish someone, “Hattiesburg Patriot”, would investigate to see if Dupree took a sick day, a vacation day or what!!! Seeing it just had to be, must have been very, very important for him to be seen ‘kickin tha can’ with a CONVICTED FELON of FEDERAL crimes of misuse of “FEDERAL (our) MONEY’.

  2. Meanwhile, on the local scene…15 years of this NOT-legally-“mayor” DuPree stench is WAY too long for us to suffer under–so maybe just maybe this is the FINAL Beginning of the End for the long-corrupt incompetent racist thieving rotten cancerous cesspool DuPree Cartel dragging our beloved Hattiesburg (AND Southern Miss) down, down, down…DRAIN THE SWAMP–nationally AND locally!!! R. Scott Farris (former Hattiesburg City Councilman–1989-93)

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