APRIL 1st – Mayor Barker announces State flag to be raised at City buildings on Monday and Thursdays until citizens vote


APRIL FOOLS - In a press release from the Barker Administration, Mayor Barker has announced his decision to raise the State flag at all city buildings on a rotating schedule. Barker said in the release,

I've decided to raise the flag at city buildings on Mondays and Thursdays. I believe in working together through these important issues and compromise is the way to go until there is a vote on the 1% tax increase. The flag issue will be an item on the ballot as well. Then voters can decide.

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  1. These elected officials will tell you any damn thing to get into office!! And then they do whatever the liberals tell them to do, because they are afraid of the liberals!!! I voted for Toby thinking he would be better than what had destroyed our city, but I’m thinking that Toby has no b**ls at all!!! SMDH