More racial attacks against white city council members by Glenda Funchess: Garmon challenges Mayor Johnny Dupree to reject insensitive remarks.


Glenda Funchess Hattiesburg Mississippi Center for Legal ServicesIn what has become a recurring theme with the Forrest county NAACP and its close supporters, racially insensitive attacks are launched from the podium of the citizen's forum at white council members. Members of the NAACP and its leadership have made numerous, racially insensitive comments calling white city councilman "plantation managers" and having "plantation mentalities" and "plantation style government". On this particular occasion Glenda F. Funchess a taxpayer paid attorney with The Mississippi Center For Legal Services took her dig.

Mr. Garmon, editor of this news site, and small business owner spoke in response to these comments.  Garmon said these comments were "racist" and reflected people who "might as well have popped out of a time capsule from 1960".  Garmon called on leadership from Mayor Dupree to openly reject racially insensitive statements made against white members of the city council.  The mayor made no such rebuke.

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45 thoughts on “More racial attacks against white city council members by Glenda Funchess: Garmon challenges Mayor Johnny Dupree to reject insensitive remarks.

  1. John Mark Taylor

    So just because there is a majority of an African-American population, leadership should now be based on the color of someone's skin instead of someone's character? Is it THAT important? (*cough cough…this coming from a Caucasian young man who has mixed African-American biological family members, who THANKFULLY has an African-American as his most trusted and loved friend whom is also his roommate? *cough cough) At least Henry Naylor HAS made efforts to form a bi-racial plan.

  2. Neal Pickel

    This is the common thought of those opposed to the Patriots methods on this thread, '' We know the NAACP is racist and gerrymandering a city ward based on race is wrong. But if I say anything The racists will say I am racist and I am creating dissension in the city by NOT allowing them to divide the city by race. I will be silent because I CANNOT appear racist to racists and I will make myself appear noble by chastising those that do speak out.''.

  3. William Samuel Adcock

    I'm getting the hell out of here. While I agree the comments were racist in nature, and should be rebuked, the racism in the comments here are just as bad. Negroids? National Association of Always Complaining? Take the hoods and robes off, boys. It ain't the 50s anymore you inbred yokel freaks.

  4. Garry Loper

    Rodney King, who recently died, who was beat unmercifully and unjustly by LEO's out of control, left a lasting and profound epitaph. "Can't we all just get along?" A man who truly had something to be angry about, will be remembered as the voice of peace, reason and restraint. I think there is a lesson for us all in his words.

  5. C Dale Colson

    The National Assn. of Always Complaining People (NAACP) will always find something wrong with anything the White pop. comes up with, even if it is a help to them. They couldn't exist if there was peace and agreement among the Caucasians and Negroids.

    1. Hattiesburg Patriot

      NAACP is a 100+ year old, multi-racial organization that has done a tremendous amount of good all over the world. This is not an NAACP bash. This information is to show the people in Forrest County who is running the organization, and their outdated mentality. There is no room for racism anywhere, especially in the Forrest County NAACP.

  6. Christopher Wilkes

    Shocking and disappointing. Is Mayor Dupree accepting all of this? Unbelievable. You would think my government would be acting in my best interest but it sounds like some of the people making decisions see me (and my votes) as part of a problem. Wow. Shame on you Johnny Dupree. Thank you to the Hattiesburg Patriot for bringing to our attention the motives and behaviors of people shaping our city government.

  7. Richard Austin

    What else would racist blacks do except attack whites saying they are racist. The naacp is as racists as the black panthers. The blacks have a majority in the Burg now and I say tet them have it. It was well on its way to becoming a blqacj ghetto when depree was elected and the only way it can go now, is down into the garbage heap that it will soon become.

    1. Hattiesburg Patriot

      Richard, I disagree about the NAACP being racist. The Forrest County NAACP is racist. That I will agree. I have witnessed it. Try asking someone a simple question and then telling you that you remind them of a "poll watcher" in the 60s who wouldn't let them vote. Mrs. McGee told me that. I was at a loss. It is sad on many levels.

    1. Tom Garmon

      Valerie, we are discussing serious issues. Some people are not comfortable discussing such raw subjects. I see something wrong with out government, in that the permit such hurtful language to infect our government process. While everyone has a RIGHT to say what they want, there should be NO place for racism anywhere, ESPECIALLY in our city hall council quarters. Whether or not you approve of my method for getting this message out and exposing racism is dependent on your perspective. What I hope will happen is the good and great African-American leaders and citizens of this community will REBUKE the statements made by the Forrest County NAACP and its leadership and call on new leadership. That's what I am hoping will happen. Th vast majority of African-Americans do not think like Mr. McGee. Most feel he is "outdated".

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