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41 thoughts on “Subscriber Options

  1. Tony Gingrich

    Careful with that statement… Your site is based on WordPress. While it is secure enough for general purposes, it’s hardly hack proof. SSL only protects data transmitted over HTTP(S), not the site contents itself.

    And, email addresses can easily be used to reveal identities, unless the user created an email address used solely for registering for your site. If users have that same email address connected to their name anywhere else, then no bueno.

  2. Tony Gingrich

    They’re bleeding you dry. They don’t have to win a case. They just have to make you go broke defending yourself. Does HP have a solid strategy to defend against that?

    I believe there are many people who’d gladly help if they knew for sure their money isn’t going into a black hole.

    You’ve changed my opinion of HP. I’m very glad to see you didn’t duck down and disappear after the first round. Please do have a strategy!

  3. Dale McVeay

    List of Hattiesburgs recent greatest accomplishments,
    Illegal voting,
    Missing voting precinct boxes,
    Questionable hiring practices,
    Lack of integrity,
    No checks and balances.
    Gas card fraud,
    Corrupt court fine practices,
    School Superintendent intimidation,
    Missing drugs and evidence,
    Illegal gun seizures,
    Sheriff’s affairs,
    Jailhouse food theft,
    Bales of Marijuana in Fairleys church basement,
    Delgado’s mega water bill,
    Water treatment drama,
    Fireman mail theft,
    Mayor’s refusal to appoint credible department heads.
    I’m sure I’ve missed several other great embarrassments to the Pine Belt but they are so common these days it’s hard to keep up.
    Power Corrupts,
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  4. Kellee Renee

    Like Linda said above… Dukes and Holmes have been around a long time doing what they do best…When I was growing up in law enforcement those names always circled around… There was always something corrupt and bad associated with those names…Thanks for reporting.. More Transparency is needed in this town, especially when one is working with ethics, law and government..

  5. Linda Walters

    Don’t know where you live or have lived, Mark, but Hattiesburg is about like most towns: corruption is alive and well. All of these people have been active for many, many years around here. Some have even been to jail before. Eventually, people begin to believe that they can get away with doing anything they want anytime they want, and they make mistakes that get them caught. This is still a great little city. For every “bad” apple, I can show you 50 or so really “good” apples. Look for the good folks, but beware of the bad ones.

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