Citizens Allege Minors Were Made to Perform “F” Word Pushups By Officer Toni Clark in After School Program

Citizens allege children were subjected to profanity as part of their punishment in after school program.

Nikita Cooley represented about a dozen citizens in a signed complaint before the Hattiesburg City Council today. The complaint alleged that Hattiesburg police officer  Toni Clark engaged in inappropriate language with minors in disciplinary situations at the PAL (Police Athletic League) after school program. Ms. Cooley went on to say that there were other Jane Does, in addition to the signed complainants, who didn't want to sign the complaint for fear of reprisal. Ms. Cooley told the Hattiesburg Patriot, "my kids and others were singled out, and disallowed from using the program after we complained"   She stated in today's city council  meeting,

"Once on a camp trip to Camp Shelby, Clark addressed the kids with,”If you want me to be a B***h, I can show you a real B***h.”. On a second and more troubling occasion Officer Clark ordered a child to perform push-ups in front of the group of children  and say “F**K” every time this child did a push-up. The child was being punished for using the “F” word, and the officer apparently felt that having the child repeat the word in front of other, younger children was an acceptable form of punishment."

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Ms. Cooley's complaint also cites municipal code which Officer Clark allegedly violated.

(1) Mississippi Code SEC. 97-29-47. Profanity or drunkenness in public place
If any person shall profanely swear or curse, or use vulgar and indecent language, or be drunk in any public place, in the presence of two (2) or more persons, he shall, on conviction thereof, be fined not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) or be imprisoned in the county jail not more than thirty (30) days or both.

(2) Mississippi Code SEC. 97-5-39. Contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a child; felonious abuse and/or battery of a child. Any parent, guardian or other person who willfully commits any act or omits the performance of any duty, which act or omission contributes to or tends to contribute to the neglect or delinquency of any child
Ms. Cooley told the Hattiesburg Patriot, "I went through all the proper channels. I went to the Captain. I went to the Chief. I went to My councilman Henry Naylor. I had no where else to go." Mr. John Brown could be seen approaching Ms. Cooley after the meeting, but she declined to take him up on his offer to meet with the Mayor and chief of police.

Below is the video of Ms. Cooley reading her complaint to the Hattiesburg City Council. If it buffers on and off, simply pause the video and let it load. Both videos are about 15MB.


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