Pastor Kenneth Fairley and NAACP sue Hattiesburg. Bradley says cost of defense will put projects “to the back of the bus.”


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Pastor Kenneth Fairley Hattiesburg
Pastor Kenneth Fairley shown left.

Pastor Fairley and a group of African American citizens, and special interest group Forrest county NAACP filed a Preliminary Injunction against the city of Hattiesburg attempting to halt the redistricting plan. The Hattiesburg Patriot met with Fairley after a redistricting hearing last summer. Fairley seemed very confident the Justice Department would not approve the city's plan and approve the CPAC plan saying, "It's an Obama Justice Department." The law suit claims that the currently approved redistricting plan dilutes minority voting strength. When in fact, they actually increase minority voting strength in Ward 4.

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Pastor Fairley and the NAACP have been trying for years to take over the city with an African-American majority. Their position is that since the city is 52% African-American they are entitled to 60% black representation. Members of the law suit stood before city council and on city hall steps calling our government "Racist like the days of Gone with the Wind and plantation style. If Mary Dryden is elected Ward 4, (the ward the NAACP and Fairley are attempting to gerrymander), she will "bring people together" and end this nonsense with cookies, milk, and hymns. If Chris Price is elected he plans to be "The Voice of Action"; so rest assured we will be in good hands either way.

Fairley's previous lawsuit in 2009, which challenged the counting of student housing at USM and William Carey in the city's population. His position was they were temporary residents and the Ward's boundaries needed to be recalculated, bringing more minorities into Kim Bradley's Ward 1. The lawsuit completely failed on lack of merit. Attempts to call Pastor Fairley today were unsuccessful, as the church number has been temporarily disconnected.

Below is the video from yesterday's meeting
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Below is the injunction filed by the NAACP.

Motion for Preliminary Injunction by Majority In Mississippi blog