Racketeering charges are likely in the Cream Scheme, according to local attorney, Bill Walter. Part 2.

Above is a compound cream prescription written by Dr. Patterson of Southern Bone and Joint. It was filled by the now defunct Advantage Pharmacy. Advantage Pharmacy is the subject of a massive federal fraud investigation for a number of things, including paying kickbacks to doctors. Southern Bone and Joint no longer accepts certain TRICARE. coverage.

In episode 2 of the New Hattiesburg Patriot Show, Special guest, Bill Walter, talked about the government's initial filing back in February 2016. That episode can be heard by clicking here. Bill Walter graduated top of his class at West Point, top of his class at Ole Miss Law School, was the Editor in Chief of the Law Journal, and has been to various Courts of Appeals fifteen times. He is an expert in federal criminal and civil litigation.

In Episode 3 of the Hattiesburg Patriot Show, Tom Garmon and local Attorney, Bill Walter, discuss the government's amended complaint, which goes into much greater detail about the various cream syndicates and how they allegedly defrauded taxpayers. The scheme allegedly involved kickbacks to doctors through various "marketing companies."

During the show we discuss how Dr. Patterson at Southern Bone, and Joint saw a couple veteran patients for free, after showing up for an appointment only to realize their TRICARE was no longer able to be accepted at the clinic. Dr. Patterson wrote at least one prescription to Advantage Pharmacy for Pain Cream. Its not clear why Southern Bone and Joint is no longer able to accept TRICARE. The prescription in the photo  was sent in by the patient to the Hattiesburg Patriot media site.