Redistricting planner Chris Watson “clonked” by Councilwoman Deborah Delgado over his initial redistricting plan.


Our constitution requires that there be no more than a 10% disparity from the most populous ward to the least populous ward. Presently it is slightly over 40%. As a result there will be a redistricting of the city's wards. The above video provides the details as presented to the city council and mayor.

Chris Watson's proposed redistricting plan was blasted by Delgado with a direct response to the proposal. "I am pretty astonished at these numbers. "That is not going to fly." Delgado said. Delgado went on to say "What are you doing here?” “This diminished minority voting strength.” Delgado then iced the cake by adding, “I didn’t think your company should have been chosen.”  I would not have wanted to be in Mr. Watson's shoes. All that was missing was Nene Leakes from the Real housewives of Atlanta with an infamous "CLONK!" to punctuate the remarks.

Henry Naylor has talked to Councilman Ware and Delgado about his concerns, and said that he will be presenting something to the council as a proposal.


2 thoughts on “Redistricting planner Chris Watson “clonked” by Councilwoman Deborah Delgado over his initial redistricting plan.

  1. John Mark Taylor

    Directly to the authority in charge of Hattiesburg Patriot: First of all, thank you tremendously for making the efforts you do, to introduce, provide, report, and sometimes expose the happenings of our city's government! Especially for patrons, like myself, who have a passion for the "Hub City" and becoming a founded citizen to its heritage, history, and present day life! Gratitude aside now, I am curious if you have a gallery of all the proposed redistricting plans thus far and a detailed "light" summary of each proposal? Or perhaps an article that compares and explains each plan to each other? These videos are informative and a primary source, but is there an article that portrays each plan with the possible "pros" and "cons" or at least the agreements and disagreements of each plan for example?

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