Sheriff Billy McGee takes Plukey’s salary and divides it up among his inner circle, including his future son-in-law.

forrest county sheriffs office

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Sheriff Billy McGee has taken Charles "Plukey" Bolton's salary and divided it among his inner circle. Bolton was paid just over $80,000 annually. He was recently convicted on 9 felonies stemming from fraudulent income tax return filings.

Sheriff McGee is reported to be grooming his future son in law, Nick Calico, to become the next candidate for Sheriff. Mr. Calico became engaged to McGee's daughter on July 30th. It's cleat the #ForrestCountySyndicate has a plan to continue the dynasty long after McGee is out of office. While Forrest County goes more in the hole financially, the #BillyClub inner circle gets massive raises. **This site has the best sources.

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86 thoughts on “Sheriff Billy McGee takes Plukey’s salary and divides it up among his inner circle, including his future son-in-law.

  1. David Fielder

    The only thing I see out of the ordinary is the secretary’s money. I believe the cops should get all they deserve. If the people that got the raises are taking on boltons job duties, then they deserve to be compensated accordingly.

    1. Hattiesburg Patriot

      Why is it the Forrest County Jail has this overtime issue when other jails of similar size do not? Why is turnover such an issue here, and why is this jail out of the norm when compared to other jails in the southern part of the state?

      Plus two kitchen staff pleaded guilty to a 12 year conspiracy with “others known and unknown” to take thousands of dollars a week in food.

    1. Andy E. Easterling

      Mary Harvison Pretty much. And I guess the money they were making wasn’t enough for their greed, which is why the sudden available pay raises. They should have at least directed that money to the bankrupt school system. And you know that this money out of Bolton’s honeypot is going to be paid out every year, right? But I guess they need the money to support whatever habits have been leading them to their shameful end. I think their will be a few more salaries getting freed up and we need to make sure that all money be directed towards the community needs and not the damn police. We can’t help it that they are greedy and involved in whatever to blow through all this money OR to commit brazen crimes while under the color of Law. A shame and a disgrace…

    1. Ann Stanley

      to make a point… but it leads to another question.. If Plukey’s position salary is redistributed to other positions… Will the position vacated by Plukey be filled? If so where us the salary coming from..

    2. Lynn Stringfellow

      This was approved through the board of supervisors and I pay tax dollars just like you do and I think our officers deserve a raise every now and then. The sheriff was within his budget and it was all approved. Why do you have a problem with officers getting a raise? I know you report government facts….. That is the only response you have when you talk shit

    3. Johnathan Moore

      I think we all have a right to know why a secretary makes almost 60k to answer a phone and do some paperwork that position should max out at 30k a year and I feel that’s generous for a position that requires ZERO skill to preform

    4. Andy E. Easterling

      I would think that a Woman as intelligent and attractive, with obvious good education and social circles, would surely see that the public asking for information regarding public funds and where they go is just that. Besides, try getting the simplest of documents from a government entity is like pulling teeth, even though I was under the impression that a list of officials and their salaries is available upon request at the local tax office or the like. It’s just good democracy to always be checking up on those with a publicly funded position. Only guilty people make a fuss about transparency…

    5. Andy E. Easterling

      Lynn Stringfellow I will say that FCSO has no problem in posting the people they have arrested ( and even from the back, people know who has been busted by word of mouth ) and then leaving very slanderous and libelous comments casually tossed by the follower’s of this corrupt regime and most will have the name to go along with the negativity. Now, I don’t know about ya’ll, but everyone should go and report the FCSO facebook page. Police don’t need a damn facebook page that taints any potential juror for those of us accused of crimes as citizens, not officials and officers. At least if you still believe Justice is Fair and Blind…

    1. Kevin Holbrook

      Agree. Nick is probably the most honest, ethical and moral person I know and to try to drag him into your personal hatred for Magee is ridiculous. Guilt by association or innuendo to create something out of nothing is terrible.

      How about try to get to know him before you form an opinion? I can promise you, if Nick became FCS, the county would be better a place!

    2. Kevin Holbrook

      And yea, you did go negative. The first word in your post is “cronyism” which is your way to link innocent people to something illegal or wrong.

      How do you know these people don’t deserve raises? The county was budgeted for Plukey’s salary so why not give it to deserving employees for a job well done.

    3. Kevin Holbrook

      I just think your use of cronyism is incorrect. Everyone who reads your posts are looking for red meat and you’re trying to serve some up here but it’s inaccurate.

      You’re wanting readers to think the people listed just sit at home and get a paycheck every two weeks.

    4. Andy E. Easterling

      I know about Mr. Calico and his exploits and to say he is just bursting with sunshine and messiah-like integrity, well, I am cleaning up the milk that I spit out of my mouth after reading your comment. Maybe you are just too close to them to see the whole image that is their true persona. I don’t blame you or accuse you of being false or part of a cover up. I am just saying that I am sure people close to the Bolton’s and Fairley’s never conceived the criminal activities that have landed them where they are. Some are still in denial, even after their convictions were gavelled down. And if you want to find out the dirt about say, the other side of the street from the one your Home is on and that you protect it’s image and people, then you just ask the other side of the street. They will have all the information needed. Same principle applied here…

    5. Andy E. Easterling

      Kevin Holbrook It is cronyism, but a better word would be a criminal organization with multiple agents in every facet of the local government that commits crimes upon the community and then uses the many members of said organization to cover up everything no matter what the cost. So, sir, if you would like another descriptive word in it’s place, would RICO work? Or maybe MAFIA? BENEDICT ARNOLD’s? TREASONERS? I know that if they weren’t wearing the uniform and conducted themselves in this manner wearing sweatsuits or a suit with a tie, well, they would be in a building either in a cell or in interrogation…

    6. James Waltman

      Look nobody sees my heaet deepest…that has not one thing to do with my actions..i walk ride everywhere so chances are all of you have driven past me over five family was homeless in these streets..nobody an behind me saying
      ..look at his true character..deep in his heart no..they spit on us judged us..etc…dont tell me to look deep into another person whos life has literally been rich compaired to mine..ive been tested in ways these guys never will..i drugs no drinkin no when i speak about someone..its from the honest side..from the part of me that wont sell my integrity for any price…i think im fit to run the show..ill do it for 14 pay…but that will still be 3 times more than ive ever made…its like i suffer to degrees nobody else does..for no fault of my own..but im ridiculed..but the low lifes can cheat the system to the fullest…and yall come out to support them…come ooooon.. We have true heroes here..take up for them

    7. Andy E. Easterling

      James Waltman Every Man’s voice and opinions about their ideas of governments and the rule of Men is as valued and as relevant as the next Man’s. That is the basis for this long-term, social experiment that is our countries main goal: a society that can give Freedom and the Rights and Consequences of abusing them. If the guy who lives next door decided that he wanted to play loud music with the smallest concessions ( not too late and how far from the stores ), well, I would find some headphones or ask the level be adjusted. And the next day when I turned my system on and it knows as much as he didn’t, I would expect the same courtesy and treatment that was given…

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