Southern Miss Soccer drops home opener against LSU

Photos by Montanah Middleton

Southern Miss fought evenly with LSU throughout the first 45 minutes of Sunday’s match, but the Tigers’ second-half burst of three goals resulted in a 3-1 deficit that the Golden Eagles could not overcome.

Southern Miss drops to 0-3 in its non-conference slate to begin the season, but Head Coach Mohammed El-Zare praised the effort and energy the Golden Eagles put into the match.

“I am very pleased with the team’s performance and with how we executed our game plan. As you saw in the first half, we caused a lot of problems and had opportunities to score,” El-Zare said. ” We could have scored on those opportunities in the first half, but I’m pleased with the organization in the attacking and the defensive phase of the game. We frustrated them and put them in a situation where they were uncomfortable.”

LSU outshot Southern Miss 17-5, bringing Southern Miss’ shot differential to 77-14 in the first three games. However, El-Zare says that this statistic does not represent the truth about how the Golden Eagles have been playing.

“If you look at the previous games, they outshot us, but 40 or 50% of the shots were off target, so if they want to shoot from 35 or 40 yards out, knock yourself out. I’m ok with that,” El-Zare said. “It’s about efficiency in the way you play. I felt that we forced them to shoot from a certain distance that they’re not comfortable [with], we had possession, and then we played our brand of soccer going forward.”

LSU got on the attack first and nearly scored on a shot from Mollie Baker that sailed just wide of the goal and then another missed opportunity from Alesia Garcia.

Southern Miss gained momentum towards the latter half of the

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