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Mayor Dupree Ignored Gas Theft Controls and Internal Auditor Recommendations Found in a 2012 Investigation Summary of Public Works Department

If one wants to allow, or facilitate theft and fraud within an organization, a lack of proper accounting controls and no internal audits would be textbook ways to carry out that goal. By not having proper accounting controls and reporting, theft and fraud could go unnoticed  with near impunity. Evidence of theft becomes essentially non-existent or too costly […]

Members of the Hattiesburg Election Commission And Mayor’s Wife Allegedly Commit Election Crimes | Jailhouse Absentee Ballots Not Legal

Dr. Christy Thornton

When Hattiesburg’s Election Commission certifies the Mayor’s Race on Monday it poses a new hurdle for the Ware Campaign. Ware would then be forced to file a lawsuit in Circuit Court to challenge the official results of the Mayor’s Race only after discovering evidence that shows that enough ballots were erroneously counted or were not […]

Mayor Johnny Dupree Cited “personnel matters” in Scheme: Russell Davis & Tim Pittmon Repaid Over $28,000

Russell Davis Hattiesburg Mississippi

An independent investigation commissioned by the city council found that two of Mayor Johnny Dupree’s appointees were involved in an overtime and payroll doctoring scheme, attempting to bilk thousands of dollars from taxpayers. The two employees were Department of Public Works Director Russell Davis and Department of Public Works General Manager Tim Pittman. The scheme […]

Municipal Court Report Alleges Conspiracy Between Mayor Johnny Dupree and City Attorney Lawrence to Obfuscate Truth in an Attempt to Cover Up Crimes

Amicus Curiae Statement to Hattiesburg City Council | October 01, 2012 “If people have concerns about our court, our court is fine.” Mayor Johnny Dupree  ”I said it last week and I’ll say it again now. There’s no corruption in our court system.” Mayor Johnny Dupree “The investigation uncovered mostly poor job performance which is […]

Mayor Dupree Seems Perplexed: Council Tables Appointment of New Judge and Explains to Mayor the Municipal Court Problem “is systemic”.

The Hattiesburg city council unanimously tabled a vote today blocking the appointment of a new judge over the municipal court. Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree seemed perplexed at the decision. The council explained to Mayor Dupree that the municipal court has systemic issues and can’t be fixed by merely retraining or moving four employees.  There is […]

Council Reads Unanimous Letter Strongly Admonishing Mayor Johnny Dupree’s Handling of the Municipal Court Scandal “MuniGate”

The Hattiesburg city council read a letter which strongly admonished Mayor Johnny Dupree for his lack of transparency in the municipal court scandal, and also his lack of action in the fall of 2011, when the problems were brought to his attention.  Mayor Dupree gave an interview to the press after the meeting which was […]