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Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association President Andrea Saffle Denies “Purposfully Excluding” Councilwoman Delgado from Meeting. READER POLL Do you think she was purposfully excluded?

Andrea Saffle and Deborah Delgado Hattiesburg MS Redistricting 2012

Councilwoman Deborah Delgado accused president Andrea Saffle and the neighborhood association she lives in of  being, “exclusionary to me” and, “I was specifically excluded” she said. She wanted the record to reflect this.  Ms. Delgado said she had received a mailer about the meeting, and commented that she has very rarely been able to attend […]

Redistricting Public Hearing #3 at Danny Hinton Community Center Full Video (HD)

These videos are HD and require a broadband internet connection. Part 1 This video includes Chris Watkins giving an overview of the redistricting process. [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″]http://www.hattiesburgpatriot.com/wp-content/Video/Public-Hearings/6.12.2012/6.12.2112_Redistricting78.flv[/FMP] Part 2 This video includes Chris Watkins presenting the original plan and two new, additional plans. [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″]http://www.hattiesburgpatriot.com/wp-content/Video/Public-Hearings/6.12.2012/6.12.2112_Redistricting79.flv[/FMP] Part 3 [FMP width=”450″ height=”253″]http://www.hattiesburgpatriot.com/wp-content/Video/Public-Hearings/6.12.2012/6.12.2112_Redistricting80.flv[/FMP] Part 4 [FMP width=”450″ […]

The Repartitioning of Hattiesburg

It has been recently discovered from the latest 2010 Census that our legislative districts are out of balance.  When the state, a political subdivision, or municipal corporation is found to be out of balance, redistricting must occur in the second year following the latest census.  In order for legislative representation to be equitable, it is […]