Tate Thriffiley Hattiesburg Mississippi Athiest

Tate Thriffiley going straight to hell: ‘I am not a Christian, and I don’t believe in God’.

Tate Thriffiley Bass Player and Hattiesburg athiest.
Mr. Tate Thriffiley prepares to shock Marie Hibbler and a mostly Christian crowd with the idea that he isn’t a Christian and he doesn’t believe in God.

After Thriffiley initially had his chance at the podium, Marie Hibbler took to the podium for a sermon of a lifetime, practically condemning the audience to hell with her “Little Johnny” joke. Thriffiley insisted on taking the podium for a second time against the wishes of a tired and frustrated Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley to drop a bomb. He’s going ‘straight to hell’ according to Mrs. Hibbler and otherĀ  experts in the matter.

So, wearing a “Soul Rebels” Shirt and in smooth Tate Thriffiley fashion, musician Tate Thriffiley laid some heavy jingles on a mostly Christian crowd.

[FMP width=”450″ height=”253″]http://www.mississippimedianetwork.com/wp-content/Video/Public-Hearings/6.29.2012/funnyashell.flv[/FMP]

Marie Hibbler’s video is below. If you want the full context watch Marie Hibbler’s entire video prior to Mr. Thriffiley.

[FMP width=”450″ height=”253″]http://www.mississippimedianetwork.com/wp-content/Video/Public-Hearings/6.29.2012/angry_lady.flv[/FMP]