Councilman Carroll to revitalization consultant, “Land code does not seem to be adequate” for restaurant and bar parking.

Bob Barbour with the Orion planning group appeared before the Hattiesburg city council to discuss the study his company is doing to help improve...

Mayor Johnny Dupree Honors Lab Techs

On Tuesday's, March 20th City Council meeting Mayor Johnny Dupree honored lab techs from the area.

Public Hearing Nixed Due to Back Room Negotiations, Leaving Hippo Supporters Thirsty for Details.

As the Jackie Dole Community Center was filling up with Thirsty Hippo Supporters and media, John Lee and his legal council made their entrance...

April 3rd, 2012 Full Hattiesburg City Council Video

This is the full council video for April 3rd, 2012. John Lee withdraws his appeal to stop the Thirsty Hippo from opening next to...

April 16th, 2012 Hattiesburg City Council Meeting Video

April 16, 2012 Agenda April 16, 2012 Amendments

The Repartitioning of Hattiesburg

It has been recently discovered from the latest 2010 Census that our legislative districts are out of balance.  When the state, a political subdivision,...

Hattiesburg City Councilman Dave Ware discusses the proposed night club ordinance on 2.06.12.

In this video with WDAM, Hattiesburg City Councilman Dave Ware discussed the proposed nightclub ordinance. Ware later refused to support any additional ordinance measures....

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