USA v. John Lee Jr. Case Files and Forum

Current Docket 8.13.18


Plea Agreement

TEXT ORDER as to John W. Lee, Jr re 29 Digital Audio File. The Audio File 29 of the sentencing held on July 17, 2018, shall be restricted to access only by the Court and the attorneys of record. No further order will issue. Signed by District Judge Keith Starrett on 7/20/18. (cb) (Entered: 07/20/2018)

Minute Entry for proceedings held before District Judge Keith Starrett: Sentencing held on 7/17/2018 for John W. Lee, Jr. (1), Count(s) 1, The sentence of the Court is a term of 6 months custody with the Bureau of Prisons to be followed by a 1 year term of supervised release. The term of supervised release is subject to the standard, mandatory and special conditions listed on the judgment order. No Fine. Restitution in the amount of $141,832.00 to be paid in monthly installments of $12,000.00 beginning 30 days from this date. $100.00 Special Assessment. Defendant allowed to remain on bond. The court will have a conference in 60 days regarding defendant’s health and to discuss self surrender reporting date. The Court requests defendant be housed in a facility for which he qualifies that is as close to his home as possible. Appearing for the Government, Jay Golden and Fred Harper and for the defense, John Colette. Court Reporter Fred Jeske, Telephone Number : 601-255-6432. (dtj) (Entered: 07/18/2018)