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Is “Plukey” Plucked? Lawsuit Filed Amid Criminal Investigation of Sheriff Billy McGee Detention Facility

Things just keep getting worse for Sheriff Billy McGee and Chief Deputy Charles “Plukey” Bolton. It is largely known the department’s food purchases are being investigated by the FBI and Mississippi State Auditor’s office. Initially investigators went back to 2oo7, but investigators have since gone back as far as 1998. Sources tell the Hattiesburg Patriot that […]

Evidence of Sheriff Billy McGee On the Job Affair Surfaces as Forrest County Sheriff’s Department Nears Implosion

  A number of sheriff’s department employees and officers have been suspended in an ongoing investigation. Sources tell the Hattiesburg Patriot that allegations of sex with inmates, massive food theft, and drug smuggling have surfaced.  Sources also tell the Hattiesburg patriot that approximately 11 officers have been suspended and one officer has been fired.   It […]