Dupree will not seek to recover $840,000 in losses from top political contributor’s “rope-a-dope” management of sewer project.


“My (arbitrator’s) conclusion is that the city and Mr. Wallace have engaged in what I’m going to call a rope-a-dope approach to this case, to this contract, to this litigation without any real effort to provide meaningful factual or legal defenses” (page 28 lines 4-9) A $1.8 million dollar sewer project turned into a massive loss for […]

Fairley’s motion to continue reveals issues with defense and a window into the prosecution (Part 1)


A recent motion to continue court filing by Televangelist Kenny Fairley and his attorney not only reveal significant issues with the defense in his fraud trial, but they also reveal new information about the government’s dual investigations, involving the FBI and HUD, as well as the U.S. Attorney’s related prosecution. The most significant aspect of this case […]

HPSD Superintendent reportedly resigned after pressure from Board Member to keep Supervisor’s wife on the payroll


Hattiesburg Public School District has been on a financial downward spiral ever since 2011, when two things happened. Katrina grant funds ran out, and James Bacchus became Superintendent of HPSD. Bacchus’ appointment was a shock to many, as Bacchus had done a terrible job in his public interview, according to many in attendance. Bacchus also […]