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New Intersections on US Highway 49 to Open July 16

Hattiesburg, Mississippi  — As the Highway 49/Midtown MDA EDH grant project reaches its final phases, the City of Hattiesburg announces the opening of two new intersections on US Highway 49 near Forrest General Hospital. The intersections and traffic signals at Camp Street and Adeline Street will be fully operational starting at 5 a.m. on Tuesday, July 16, 2024. Beginning this Thursday, July 11, 2024 the traffic lights at these intersections will start flashing yellow to alert travelers to the upcoming changes.

With the opening of these intersections, the existing traffic signal at the Mamie Street intersection will be removed. The new traffic flow will affect access to Forrest General Hospital as follows:

  • Emergency Room Access: Travelers on both northbound and southbound lanes of Highway 49 will use the Camp Street intersection
  • Main Lobby and Front Parking Lot Access: Northbound Highway 49 travelers will use the Adeline Street intersection. Southbound Highway 49 travelers will use a right-turn lane at the current Mamie Street intersection.

Closing of the Mamie Street intersection:

  • Left turns crossing traffic on Highway 49 will no longer be permitted.
  • Right turns will be allowed to access Mamie Street traveling northbound on Highway 49 and access to the front of Forrest General heading southbound on Highway 49.

Additionally, the one-way access road currently running southbound on the west side of Highway 49, from Mamie to Adeline, will reverse direction and become one-way northbound from Adeline, providing access to the hospital’s front parking lot.

Travelers needing to cross Highway 49 to exit the Parkhaven neighborhood will use the new Camp Street intersection, which is one-way westbound toward Highway 49. Those needing to cross Highway 49 to enter the Parkhaven neighborhood from Midtown can use both the Adeline Street and Camp Street intersections. Those using the Adeline Street intersection will turn left, heading north, on Highway 49 and use the right turn lane exiting onto Mamie Street. Those using the Camp Street intersection will cross Highway 49 and turn right onto the service road, heading south, to access Mamie Street.

These changes aim to improve traffic flow and access to Forrest General Hospital. Travelers are advised to follow the new signs and signals to navigate the updated routes safely.


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