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Dewmar, Inc. CEO Marco Moran funneled $6 million from the Cream Scheme through a publicly traded corporation.

Dewmar Inc. CEO, Marco Moran, who pleaded guilty to health care fraud in connection with monies he received from Medworx, also funneled over $6 million from Medworx through a wholly owned subsidiary of Dewmar called Health & Wellness Research Consortium (HWRC). Hattiesburg Patriot News Media has obtained copies of the Medworx checks that were paid to HWRC (see below)

Moran reported the income to his stockholders, which resulted in the stock price increasing, but what stockholders didn’t know at the time was that the funds were derived from defrauding veteran’s TRICARE and other health Care beneficiaries, including the City of Jackson’s health benefit program.

Hattiesburg Patriot News Media is following the money in this ongoing investigation. A feature story will be published next week on Moran and Dewmar. To catch up on this story search for the hashtag #MarCon on Facebook and Twitter.

Below is a copy of the checks that Medworx paid Moran though HWRC

dewmar financials-pages-86-104

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