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Mississippi’s Strongest Man and Woman

09 December 2023

Start Time
8:00 AM final weigh ins. 8:30am Rules meeting. 9am Start time.

Meet Director
Jaime Douglas, Thomas Martin, and John Micka
[email protected]

WEIGH-INS: Friday 8-10am and again from 4-6pm and Saturday 8am if needed.

HOTEL:TBD-will post on Facebook event page (Mississippi’s Strongest)

DIVISIONS for Mississippi’s Strongest Man:

Women Novice

Women Open (LW180)

LW Novice (

HW Novice (>231.5)

Masters (LW231)

LW Open (175)

MW Open 200

MW Open 231

HW Open(232+)

(*There will be a 50 competitor cap for Mississippi’s Strongest Man*)


Fat back Farmers: 50 TOTAL feet. Chalk, wrist wraps, sleeves, belts and grip shirt are all allowed.
Sleigh pull/ Truck Pull (harness only. No lead rope) 50ft. 60 sec time limit.
Head 2 Head 2″ deficit axle bar deadlift. Max reps in 60 seconds. NO TOUCH AND GO ALLOWED. Must wait to the up and down command.
Front Rack yoke carry (25ft) to a Sandbag Load. (Your rack height is your load height)
Natural Stone Press: Athletes will clean and press a stone to for as many reps as possible in 60 sec. Must show control of the rock in the locked out position and wait for the down command before the next press attempt. Chalk, grip shirts (as stated in the carry event), gloves, belts, sleeves etc are all allowed. Tacky towels are fine but no regular tacky.


*All events/weights are subject to change

AWARDS: Top 3 in each class

Revolution Fitness
14 Lamar Blvd
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
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Dec 09, 2023

Start Time
8:00 AM
Meet Director
Jaime Douglas, Thomas Martin, and John Micka
[email protected]
Events and Weights

Division Fat Back Farmers (50ftTotal) Sleigh Pull (50ft) Head to head 2″ Deficit Axle Bar Deadlift Front Rack Yoke Carry/Sandbag load Natural Stone Press
Novice W HW (+) 115/hand Truck 225 165/100 Tiny Rock
Open W LW (140.4-) 130/hand Truck 300 275/132 Little Rock
Open W MW (180.4-) 150/hand Truck 315 315/155 Small Rock
Open W HW (+) 170/hand Truck 330 345/176 Medium Rock
Masters W HW (+) 130/hand Truck 300 285/132 Little Rock
Novice M MW (200.4-) 200/hand Truck 385 345/176 Large-ish Rock
Novice M SHW (+) 210/hand Truck 400 385/200 Large Rock
Open M LW (175.4-) 225/hand Truck 450 400/220 Big Rock
Open M MW (231.4-) 250/hand Truck 500 450/250 That’s a Big Rock
Open M SHW (+) 300/hand Truck 550 500/275 GIANT Rock
Masters M MW (231.4-) 210/hand Truck 450 385/200 Big Rock
Masters M SHW (+) 225/hand Truck 500 400/220 That’s a Big Rock
Regular Price
Registration Closes Nov 25, 2023

Refund Policy
No refunds.


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December 9, 2023
8:00 am - 11:00 am CST


Jaime Douglas