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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO AND VIDEO: Election Commissioner Charles Phillips’ wife tells him; “We’re strictly gonna go right by the books and the rules now.”

Election Commissioner Charles Phillips was captured on video inside the Dantzler precinct appearing to campaign for Sheriff Billy McGee in the 2013 Sheriff’s race.

It looks like Charlie Phillip’s wife realizes that her husband has an image problem for not following the rules, and that image has been bolstered by an exclusive video published on this site of Phillips appearing to campaign for incumbent Sheriff McGee inside the Dantzler Precinct Box. It is illegal for anyone to campaign within 150 feet of a polling place.

The audio you are hearing is of Phillips’s wife explaining how she has informed her husband the need to follow the rules and do things

“Well, I told Charles he’s strictly gotta go, he, we’re strictly gonna go right by the books and the rules now, I mean from here on out”

Push play to hear the audio.

In the below video, Phillips was recorded by an off duty Stone County sheriff’s deputy when he approached her as she entered the the Dantzler Precinct to vote. Phillips has been deputized by Sheriff Billy McGee for many years, and he can be heard on video talking about his badge and support for the Sheriff over challenger Charlie Sims. Phillips referred to challenger Charlie Sims as “the other side.”

The bag containing the ballots and memory cards for Dantzler actually went missing the night of the election for a number of hours, before it was located in a county storage closet. Phillips told WDAM he hoped that wouldn’t happen again.

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