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Forrest County School Board Attorney Pat Zachary slapped with $264,594.40 in IRS tax liens

Forrest County School Board Attorney Pat Zachary has some expensive issues with the IRS. The IRS claims Zachary owes the government a combined $264,594.40 in back federal income taxes. Zachary owes the following amounts:

Tax Year                        Amount

2010                          $ 119,398.19
2011                          $  55,591.80
2014                          $   2,564.16
2015                          $  44.087.61
2016                          $  42,963.63

The Forrest County School Board hires the Board Attorney, and the board is elected and includes the following members:

Charles McMahan, Board President
Jason Helton, Board Vice President
Angie Myers, Board Legislative Liaison
Board Secretary, Sabrina Morse
Ronnie Perkins. Board Assistant Secretary
Pat Zachary, Board Attorney

Zachary is also the Attorney defending Forrest County Prosecutor Pam Castle in an alienation of affection case filed against her by former Forrest County Deputy Candace Eubanks.

Tax Liens are below. Mr. Zachary’s ex wife was released from the liens.

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